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Have You Met The Schlicks? A Quick (re)Introduction

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Meet the Schlicks! We’re checking in with a re-introduction for our newest friends and some extra love for our long-time ones.  The SCV Chamber of Commerce 2023 Business Expo was another can’t-miss event this year!  We loved meeting so many new faces, while also reconnecting with long-time friends, that we wanted to reach out and re-introduce ourselves.   Whether you’ve known …

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Books We Love: Team SchlickArt Shares Their Favorite Reads

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Team SchlickArt shares the books they love for both personal and professional development.  At SchlickArt, we’re all a bunch of lifelong learners, which means we love reading!  In fact, we read books together as a team, as well as apart.  Some of us listen to audiobooks. Some of us check out library books. And we all discuss what we’re reading …

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Year In Review: The SchlickArt Team Celebrates 2022

Kirsten QuinnAbout the Schlicks

Wondering what the SchlickArt team has been up to this year? Check out our favorite memories and milestones from 2022.  This year represented a much-awaited return to normalcy for many of us, and at SchlickArt, you know we like to hit the ground running. That meant 2022 brought lots of growth – personally and professionally – as well as lots …

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4 Shoots To Plan Now For Your Best 2023

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If you’re planning to make 2023 your best year ever, then take a look at these four shoots that will help you meet your personal and professional goals – ahead of the curve.  The end of the year and the start of a new one are important moments – whether you want to cherish time with your family or get …

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Beyond The Digital Image: How To Bring Portraits Into Your Home & Office

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In the digital age, it’s easy to forget how special a printed photo can feel. Here are our best tips for bringing your cherished portraits into your home and office.  When we get our picture taken, we put so much time and energy into making sure everything is perfect.  Then, when we finally get our gorgeous final images, they help …

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Why We’re Doubling Down On Marketing – And You Should, Too

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Worried about a potential recession? Here’s why we’re doubling down on marketing – and you should, too.  From news reports to financial experts, more and more talk of a potential recession has many business owners and professionals worried about what the future might hold.  It’s easy to get caught up in the projections and immediately turn toward panic.  Instinctively, you …

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Why Being Photogenic Is A Myth

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At SchlickArt, we believe being photogenic is a myth. In fact, we have a few easy strategies that make everyone look and feel “photogenic.”  Have you never felt photogenic?  Maybe you’re never fully happy with the way you look in pictures.  Or whenever you smile for photos, it just comes out looking forced or inauthentic.  Well, we have some good …

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Vision To Reality: How We Bring Your Ideas To Life

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Do you have big ideas for photography or video? Here’s how we turn your vision into reality – with the SchlickArt style you expect.  As creatives and as people, there’s nothing we love more than big dreams and crazy ideas.  Bring us a grand vision, and we’ll bring you our best work.  Why?  Your passion is what fuels us.  Whether …

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A Special Celebration For The Ladies Of SchlickArt

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Ladies, we’re celebrating Lindsay’s birthday month in style! Did we mention there’s a pretty sweet party favor?  When SchlickArt first started, it was founded on the idea that all women could feel beautiful and confident in front of the camera.  No matter who you were – or what kind of hair day you were having – you could come to SchlickArt, …

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SchlickArt Celebrates 10 Years In Business

Kirsten QuinnAbout the Schlicks

What’s it take to build a small business from the ground up? Join us as we celebrate the 10-year evolution of SchlickArt Photography & Video.  It all started with a crazy idea in a tiny one-bedroom apartment, but 10 years later, SchlickArt has transformed into a full-scale media production with a boutique studio space, a tight-knit team and still room …