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Evoking Your Essence

Kirsten Quinn Uncategorized

Inside Poole & Shaffery’s SchlickArt Business Video Session

Most of the time, you don’t even know it’s happening. A tilt of the light. A flick of the camera lens. Two intense gazes punctuated by moments of quick deliberation and subtle direction. So subtle you won’t even know it’s happening: the magic of a SchlickArt approach.

By nature, photographers and videographers should be able to capture YOU on screen. Right? Capture, yes. But what about drawing it out of you? That’s taking it to the next level. THAT is the magic. Because, at its best, photography and videography can not only capture you – but evoke your essence.

Even in this not-so-small small-town community, competition is fierce among Santa Clarita businesses. It’s part of Santa Clarita’s charm, right? We are truly a community, and you can feel it from work to home to a Saturday evening on Town Center Drive. But in such a tight-knit community, how do you stand out? How do you differentiate?

Que your essence. The fabric of your business. The principle behind your decisions every day. The WHY that drives you. That’s what SchlickArt evokes because – therein lies the magic.

How do they do it? I was lucky enough to attend a recent SchlickArt Business Video Sessions shoot for Poole & Shaffery. Here’s a peek at a shoot in the life of Lindsay and Brian Schlick.

The Setup

It all starts with the perfect complement of two skillsets. Like chefs in the kitchen, Lindsay and Brian mix quality ingredients – lighting, audio, composition, exposure – for one deliciously gorgeous shot.

Just by walking into a room, Lindsay reads and creates lighting that looks as effortless as sunshine on a Sunday morning. Almost romantic in its perfection. Dreamy in its portrayal on screen. Your best self captured.

A fly on the wall, it’s hard to catch Brian composing. He surveys the room, building on the magic Lindsay has already laid out for him, and finds the story in the space. Take Poole & Shaffery, for example. Expertise, credibility and longevity drive their success, supported by an undercurrent of uncompromising ethics. Brian finds the framed certificate that serves as proof of David Poole’s credentials. He sees the plaque that congratulates the firm’s many years in business.

It’s all in the shot. It’s all in the storytelling. It’s all in the magic.

The Interview

I can already feel most of you shuddering. The thought of being captured on video can be intimidating to most, and downright frightening at worst. The antidote to on-camera jitters? Mess up, botch your lines and land all the UMs and AHs you like. Get comfortable because, guess what? Comfort is part of the SchlickArt process. It’s part of the deal.

With her signature cues, Lindsay effortlessly navigates through your hesitations and insecurities to find the real YOU hidden beneath it all. The best part? You have no idea she’s doing it.

She calmly works her way through an extensive list of questions, prompting you to approach concepts from multiple perspectives and think about things differently. There’s enough time to exhaust all the topics that make your business a success. Methodically – deliberately – Lindsay is eliciting the best representation of you and your business.

The Cut

So what about all those UMs and AHs? With a two-camera setup and a watchful eye, Brian has created enough flexibility during the shooting process to make magic happen during the editing process. Sentences that stumbled during the shoot become unblemished nuggets of wisdom after Brian’s made the cut.

The end result is one long stretch of glowing, energetic sound bites that look and sound more natural than when they started. Feeling more comfortable with the idea of being on camera? So were the attorneys of Poole & Shaffery. They nailed it.

But then again, with just a touch of magic, all SchlickArt clients do.

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