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A Special Celebration For The Ladies Of SchlickArt

Kirsten Quinn About the Schlicks, Boudoir

Ladies, we’re celebrating Lindsay’s birthday month in style! Did we mention there’s a pretty sweet party favor?  When SchlickArt first started, it was founded on the idea that all women could feel beautiful and confident in front of the camera.  No matter who you were – or what kind of hair day you were having – you could come to SchlickArt, …

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SCV Boudoir Photography: How We Make It Easy

Kirsten Quinn Boudoir

Interested in SCV boudoir photography? Here’s how we make it easy & FUN to shoot boudoir at SchlickArt.  Are you interested in boudoir – but your nerves are getting the best of you?  We totally get it.  That’s why we’ve got you, from head to toe.  Everything we do here at SchlickArt is thoughtfully and skillfully designed to make you …

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SCV Video Marketing Secrets: Our #1 Tip To Produce Results

Kirsten Quinn Video, Visual branding, Visual Marketing

One of our very best SCV video marketing secrets has nothing to do with shooting or editing video. Yet it’s also the most crucial step.   How do you create an effective marketing video for your small business?  There’s ONE crucial step that most people tend to overlook.  And it has nothing to do with your on-camera appearance, how you shoot …

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SchlickArt Celebrates 10 Years In Business

Kirsten Quinn About the Schlicks

What’s it take to build a small business from the ground up? Join us as we celebrate the 10-year evolution of SchlickArt Photography & Video.  It all started with a crazy idea in a tiny one-bedroom apartment, but 10 years later, SchlickArt has transformed into a full-scale media production with a boutique studio space, a tight-knit team and still room …

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The Professional Team Photo: Traditional Portrait Vs. Modern Graphic

Kirsten Quinn Headshots, Professional Portrait, Visual branding, Visual Marketing

Need a professional team photo? We’ve got two options to solve all your problems, including staff turnover, time constraints and more. So you want a picture of your team, but you’re running into a few problems.  Maybe your team is growing or changing, and you expect to have new faces in the mix soon.  Maybe you run a small office, …

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SCV Small Businesses Put 2022 Marketing Trends Into Action

Kirsten Quinn Headshots, Professional Portrait, Video, Visual branding, Visual Marketing

We recently shared the top 2022 marketing trends for small businesses. Now we’re highlighting the SCV small businesses that are putting these strategies into practice.  To kick off our 2022 Visual Marketing Series, we shared the 10 Small Business Marketing Trends you can’t ignore this year.  As a business owner, these trends are meant to give you the ideas and …

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Can A SchlickArt Boudoir Shoot Make You More Confident?

Kirsten Quinn Boudoir

Wondering if a SchlickArt Boudoir shoot can make you feel more confident? Well, it’s all up to you babe! Any woman who’s shot boudoir with us is in on a little secret:  A SchlickArt Boudoir shoot is about (waaay) more than the photos.  Of course, you can totally come in for a fun experience and walk away with the sexiest …

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The Power Of Telling The RIGHT Story

Kirsten Quinn Video, Visual branding, Visual Marketing

No matter what type of content you’re creating or why, the messaging has to be on point – or you’re wasting your time. This year, harness the power of telling the right story.  Storytelling is the new marketing, and by now, most business owners and professionals have caught on. But it’s time to level up.  Just because you’re telling a …

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How To Create A Content Marketing Plan For Small Businesses

Kirsten Quinn Visual branding, Visual Marketing

Need a strategy for 2022? Here are 10 steps to creating and executing a successful content marketing plan for small businesses. Today’s digital marketing demands make it feel like you have to be everywhere – all the time.  Websites. Email marketing. Facebook. Instagram. TikTok. YouTube. SEO. Blogs. Videos. Podcasts.  The opportunities to get in front of your audience are endless. …

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10 Small Business Marketing Trends To Watch Out For 2022

Kirsten Quinn Professional Portrait, Video, Visual branding, Visual Marketing

Evolve or get left behind. Here are the top small business marketing trends for 2022.  If you’re working on your marketing plan for 2022, we’ve got you covered.   Each year, we round up the top 10 marketing trends to keep an eye for the upcoming year – with a focus on applying those trends at the small-business level.  Ready for …