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3 Marketing Videos Every Website Needs To Stay Relevant

Kirsten Quinn Video, Visual Marketing

Keep your website relevant with these three foundational marketing videos – or get lost in the shuffle.  Before the pandemic started, video was a powerful tool to add to websites for higher engagement, increased web traffic, stronger conversion rates, and more.  But today, the benefits of adding video to your website are even stronger.  In fact, we argue that, today, …

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5 Genius Ways Our Clients Are Using Video Marketing In Santa Clarita

Kirsten Quinn Video, Visual Marketing

Curious about video marketing in Santa Clarita? Check out these five genius ways our clients are making use of an incredible marketing strategy. As we grapple with the possibility of another major shutdown and increased restrictions, small business owners may be panicking about how they’ll continue to make sales – especially during the holiday season, which usually provides a much-needed …