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Santa Clarita Business Owners: 5 Crucial Marketing Mindset Shifts

Kirsten Quinn Video, Visual Marketing

This year has been a roller coaster. Here are five crucial marketing mindset shifts for Santa Clarita business owners to enjoy the ride.  Immediately after the pandemic outbreak, 90% of people said they were spending more time consuming media in digital spaces, and most turned to online shopping options wherever possible. Though some in-person shopping and dining picked up in …

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COVID-19 Marketing: Adjust Your Marketing Plan To The New Normal

Kirsten Quinn Headshots, Video, Visual Marketing

For businesses, surviving this pandemic is a marathon – not a sprint. Create your COVID-19 marketing plan with help from SchlickArt.  We’re no longer in the first few weeks, or even months, of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is no longer an emergency; unfortunately, life in partial lockdown is quickly becoming our new normal.  If you’re a business owner, entrepreneur or …

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Santa Clarita Coronavirus Resources: 15 Things Small Business Owners Can Do During Quarantine To Prepare For The Rebound

Kirsten Quinn Visual Marketing

Santa Clarita Coronavirus Resources: Local experts share 15 things small business owners can do today, during quarantine, to prepare for the rebound.  As a community, we’re no strangers to emergency situations. Whether it’s a wildfire, earthquake or public safety threat, this community shows up to support the people and families who’ve been affected.  But right now, COVID-19 is a new …