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Books We Love: Team SchlickArt Shares Their Favorite Reads

Kirsten QuinnAbout the Schlicks, Visual Marketing

Team SchlickArt shares the books they love for both personal and professional development.  At SchlickArt, we’re all a bunch of lifelong learners, which means we love reading!  In fact, we read books together as a team, as well as apart.  Some of us listen to audiobooks. Some of us check out library books. And we all discuss what we’re reading …

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Free Visual Marketing Education & Resources By SchlickArt

Kirsten QuinnVisual branding, Visual Marketing

Ready to grow your brand? Here are five FREE visual marketing education resources produced by SchlickArt.  Since the first moment SchlickArt became a dream in our hearts and minds, we’ve been dedicated to learning everything and anything that can help us, our clients and our community become the very best we can be.  A passion for lifelong learning, as well …