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How Audience Research Can Make Or Break Your Visual Marketing Campaign

Kirsten Quinn Visual branding, Visual Marketing

If your visual marketing strategies aren’t hitting the way you’d hoped, you’re probably not taking your audience research seriously.  In marketing, the goal can almost always be boiled down to two main actions: connect and convert.  But what happens when you’re not connecting? You’re creating all this content, showing up at every event, and throwing dollar after dollar at every …

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What’s Visual Marketing?

Kirsten Quinn Visual branding, Visual Marketing

What’s visual marketing? Here’s a quick guide to our life’s passion.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but when you use that picture according to a visual marketing strategy, it’s worth a lot more than that – it’s worth the value of a new lifetime customer.  “Incorporating visuals into marketing materials can be a powerful way to …

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5 Social Media Mistakes & How To Fix Them

Kirsten Quinn Visual branding, Visual Marketing

Avoid these five common social media mistakes and create a strong social media presence with ease.  As business owners or professionals, we all know we need to post to social media.  Yet this seemingly simple job always ends up on the back-burner.  We’re too busy. Too disengaged. Too intimidated. Too confused.  We don’t have the ideas or resources we need …