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How SCV Small Businesses Can Support Each Other At SchlickArt

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How can SCV small businesses support each other? SchlickArt offers one win-win strategy you probably don’t even know about.  If you hang around SchlickArt Photography & Video long enough, there’s one particular phrase you’re bound to hear throughout the studio.  A rising tide raises all ships.  Simple yet powerful, this core belief has inspired Brian and Lindsay Schlick since the …

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SCV Small Businesses Put 2022 Marketing Trends Into Action

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We recently shared the top 2022 marketing trends for small businesses. Now we’re highlighting the SCV small businesses that are putting these strategies into practice.  To kick off our 2022 Visual Marketing Series, we shared the 10 Small Business Marketing Trends you can’t ignore this year.  As a business owner, these trends are meant to give you the ideas and …