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SCV Boudoir Photography Tips: Happiness Looks Good On Everyone

Kirsten Quinn Boudoir

Ready for a powerful SCV boudoir photography tip? The best time to book a boudoir session is not when you’re skinny – it’s when you’re happy. Here’s why.  When we think of beauty, we’re conditioned to think of the shape of our bodies, the makeup on our faces and the clothes we purchase. As a photographer of women, however, Lindsay …

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COVID-19 Marketing: Adjust Your Marketing Plan To The New Normal

Kirsten Quinn Headshots, Video, Visual Marketing

For businesses, surviving this pandemic is a marathon – not a sprint. Create your COVID-19 marketing plan with help from SchlickArt.  We’re no longer in the first few weeks, or even months, of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is no longer an emergency; unfortunately, life in partial lockdown is quickly becoming our new normal.  If you’re a business owner, entrepreneur or …