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How To Create The Right Balance Of Social Media Content

Kirsten QuinnHeadshots, Professional Portrait, Visual branding, Visual Marketing

Want to achieve the perfect balance of social media content on your preferred platform? Here’s our top strategy.  In order to create a powerful visual brand on social media, or any other platform for that matter, you need a good balance of content.  That means you want some content that shows your professional side: educational posts about your industry, portraits …

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5 Social Media Mistakes & How To Fix Them

Kirsten QuinnVisual branding, Visual Marketing

Avoid these five common social media mistakes and create a strong social media presence with ease.  As business owners or professionals, we all know we need to post to social media.  Yet this seemingly simple job always ends up on the back-burner.  We’re too busy. Too disengaged. Too intimidated. Too confused.  We don’t have the ideas or resources we need …