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How To Create A Visual Marketing Style Guide

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Wondering how to create a visual marketing style guide that establishes consistency in 2024? Start here.   Think of some of the most recognizable brands in the world. What images do you see?  Nike’s swoosh. McDonald’s golden arches. Apple’s simple icon with one bite missing.  They all have one thing in common.  If you want to create a brand identity …

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10 Dos And Don’ts Of Marketing Photography

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Want to put your best face forward? Here are our 10 dos and don’ts of marketing photography.  We all need content, but as soon as we sit down to post, the inevitable critical voice sets in.  We worry about how we look, how we sound, what people will think about it.  Maybe we don’t even know what to say. Nothing …

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Styling Your Tribe: How To Choose The Perfect Outfits For Your Santa Clarita Family Photo Session

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Planning your next Santa Clarita family photo session? Use this Style Guide to make your family look their very best on camera. 

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Celebrating Our Santa Clarita Man & Woman Of The Year

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These two SchlickArt clients and friends have inspired us, and we hope their stories will inspire you, too. One of the things we love most about our community is its commitment to giving back.  In fact, the people we’ve met here in Santa Clarita are some of the most generous people we know.  They dedicate their time and resources to …

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Why Santa Clarita Professionals Can No Longer Ignore Personal Branding

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Attention Santa Clarita Professionals: If you’re missing out on the power of personal branding, you’re about to be left behind.  Whether you’re climbing the corporate ladder or building a business of your own, Santa Clarita professionals can no longer ignore the trend that’s taken the business world by storm: personal branding.  It’s not something to prepare for. The time has …

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Announcing: NEW Photography Session Just For Mom

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Want to get Mom what she really wants on Mother’s Day? Check out our NEW photography session just for Mom. At SchlickArt, we see a lot of moms. We see Mom come in for her professional headshots, dressed to kill in a blazer and heels. We see Mom for her family portraits, dripping in curls and pearls, as her family …