Visual Marketing Strategy Planning Sessions

Santa Clarita Visual Marketing Strategy Planning 
After two decades of specialized training, professional experience and continued education, we’ve crafted a strategic visual marketing session for Santa Clarita small businesses and executives who want an effective, luxury experience in addition to a marketing strategy that delivers results

Our Visual Marketing Strategy Planning Sessions help you plan, create and share high-quality visual content that accomplishes your marketing goals and feels authentically you. Each session is custom-designed to target your specific objectives and remove the roadblocks standing in your way – so you can craft a visual brand that’s as effective as it is visually engaging. 

Our process is designed to highlight your unique value, shine a spotlight on your personality, and foster a genuine connection with your ideal target audience. By taking the time to cultivate a deep understanding of your brand identity, we help you craft a visual content strategy with an intentional purpose and direction. Walk away with a results-driven action plan for the future and an implementation schedule to streamline the entire process moving forward. 

How it Works

In order to ensure effectiveness, our Visual Marketing Strategy Planning Sessions are scheduled on an ongoing basis, and we determine the ideal frequency – monthly, quarterly, etc. – based on your team’s unique needs. Our goal is to create a partnership that elevates your brand according to your vision.
Before your session, we’ll contact you for a brief consultation to get to know your goals, help you prepare any materials you might need, and walk you through a custom-designed questionnaire about your brand and objectives.

When it comes time for your session, you’ll have two hours in our private studio space to turn your marketing goals into action. Starting with an evaluation of your business and personal brand, we’ll begin with the end in mind by identifying your specific revenue goals.

From there, we craft a business roadmap and visual marketing strategy to achieve those goals with deliberate action. Say goodbye to flying by the seat of your pants and desperately hoping you meet your revenue targets. With this strategy, you’ll know exactly where you stand and how to course correct when necessary.

In the implementation phase, we’ll help you establish a realistic production schedule that works for you, and we’ll help you find the time, support and resources to get it all done.

To maintain forward momentum, we’ll send you home with action steps and schedule your next session to help keep you accountable. Between sessions, we’ll provide the support you need to stay on track and finally achieve marketing success.

The result is a targeted, strategy-based marketing plan plus the education, experience and confidence to put it into action. 

Our Visual Marketing Strategy Planning Sessions Include: 

  1. Consultation:
    Introductory call to determine your needs and get to know your business
  2. Brand Review:
    Comprehensive business and personal brand evaluation
  3. Strategy Session:
    Two-hour deep-dive into your revenue goals, target audience and marketing presence
  4. Marketing Plan:
    Highly customized and comprehensive visual marketing plan that aligns with your specific business objectives
  5. Implementation Schedule:
    Realistic and approachable schedule to complete relevant tasks
  6. Action Plan:
    Focused steps to take before returning for your next session

What Clients Are Saying

  • Christina Trujillo-Sieren
    Once I leave a training session, everything is easy. I know exactly what I need to do, and I just get each thing done. This is way better than anything else I did for business coaching last year.
    Christina Trujillo-Sieren
  • Steffanie Stelnick
    Doing videos with SchlickArt has catapulted our business into something we didn't imagine it could be.
    Steffanie Stelnick
  • Marla Gieser
    Being in front of the camera with Lindsay and Brian has given me a new mindset. I am much more confident when posting pictures or videos of myself, whether on social media or to my database of clients. Lindsay has a way of making you feel beautiful no matter how you feel that day. Brian has a calm, relaxed personality that eases the nerves from the minute you sit down with him. I tell everyone who asks who took the amazing photos of me, and I will continue recommending them to anyone who will listen. So blessed to call them friends!
    Marla Gieser
    The Money Store®
  • Mayra Barajas
    Absolutely had the best experience with Lindsay! Its hard to find people that truly do care that you're 100% satisfied with your results. She made choosing the pictures even more fun! She will definitely be my to go to and would highly recommend any professional shoots with her!! she even gives you tips on social media and how to utilize each photo to make it all worth it!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH LINDSAY!!
    Mayra Barajas
  • Sedric Collins
    I had an amazing experience working with Brian and Lindsay of SchlickArt Photography & Video. They were timely, courteous and professional throughout the process of creating the promotional video for my law firm. I particularly appreciated how comfortable they made me feel while recording the video in their beautiful studio in Santa Clarita. As a result, I was able to relax and confidently deliver my message in front of the camera. I would highly recommend SchlickArt to any business owner looking to create video content. I plan to do more projects with them in the future.
    Sedric Collins
    Legacy One Law Firm
  • Martin Rodriguez
    I grossly underestimated what you guys do. You’re not just a photographer. You offer everything I needed to kick-off January with success.
    Martin Rodriguez
    Wintrust Mortgage

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