Santa Clarita Monthly Video Subscriptions

Our SchlickArt Video Subscription is a monthly service that batch-produces multiple videos in just one hour of your time – while also offering coaching support for script writing, on-camera presentation and best marketing practices. In addition to the streamlined process, one of the best things about this monthly service is the versatility. You can use your time in the studio to create all kinds of content to meet your marketing goals, from video content for your website to a weekly educational video for your social media and newsletter. We’ve even had clients use this subscription to create a high-quality online course.

But this subscription is about more than just creating quick and efficient video content. In fact, it’s designed to help you experience the benefits of a steady, effective marketing plan that takes advantage of the most in-demand medium in today’s digital world. A video subscription will help you establish marketing consistency while simultaneously strengthening your on-camera skills and confidence. In fact, this process can teach you a lot about what you have to offer, how to present it in a compelling way, and what people really want to see from you. And we’re here to help you turn insight into action each step of the way.

How It Works

Filmed in a private in-studio or on-location setting, we’ll help you create four videos in one shoot, with the opportunity for wardrobe changes to keep each video fresh. You’ll have as many takes as you need to get the perfect shot, and the SchlickArt team will be there to support you every step of the way! Plus, we create a positive, encouraging environment to strengthen your on-camera skills, just as you’d expect from a SchlickArt experience. So there’s no experience necessary. From the initial consultation to each video delivered to your inbox, we make sure this experience is as easy, effective and fun as you need it to be.

Our Monthly Video Subscriptions Include:

  1. Phone Consultation With Strategy Session
  2. On-set Producing and Presentation Coaching
  3. Wide Variety of In-Studio Backgrounds and Set Pieces
  4. Unlimited Takes to Create a Polished Presentation
  5. Consistent Delivery of Video Content, Based on Your Subscription Level
  6. Full Editing, Graphics, and Branding for Each Video

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