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What Is A Personal Brand Anyway?

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You keep hearing about this personal brand thing, but who has time to learn yet ANOTHER form of branding? Don’t worry — this one comes naturally. So you want to stand out from the rest, do you? You want to make an impact, cut through the noise and finally get people to see that you’re the best there is!! You’re …

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Our Favorite Trend In Maternity Photos: Gender Reveal Shoots

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Gender reveal photos are taking social media by storm — get the most out of your maternity photos with SchlickArt in Santa Clarita. When Kim and Devin Stuart came to us with the incredible news that they were pregnant for the second time, we were so excited to be part of their journey as they expanded their family. But when …

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Better After 50: Glamour Photography For Women 50+

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We know you’re better after 50. But do you? Does the world? We created a special session of photography for women 50+ just for you. Much of the world has yet to notice the power and grace of a woman over 50. But we do. We see her strength, her beauty, her swagger, every day in our studio. We see …

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3 Non-Photography Skills Your Santa Clarita Wedding Photographer Should Deliver

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Your Santa Clarita wedding photographer is more than a camera whiz — there’s a whole lot more going on behind that lens. Your ceremony is moments away. You’re holding back tears, so you don’t screw up your makeup. One of your bridesmaids is already too drunk, and everyone is asking you how you are — like you’re one shaky step …

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Fun With Lindsay Schlick: How To Love Being In Front Of The Camera

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Being in front of the camera should be fun! Just ask Lindsay Schlick. The camera is an intimidating reflection for any of us. The mere thought of staring into a lens triggers anxiety about our extra weight, the flaws in our skin, the grey hair we try so desperately to hide, and on and on. But we often forget that …

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Capture The Best Video Marketing In Santa Clarita With A SchlickArt Business Video Session

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Want to set the curve on video marketing in Santa Clarita? Here’s why a SchlickArt Business Video Session should be at the front of your marketing strategy. Lots of people talk about adding video to their marketing strategy, but few understand exactly why it helps or how to use it. You’re right to trust your gut on this one. But …

Build Each Other Up

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For those of you who know these beautiful faces, each photo should send you a striking message. Deanna Miller and Nathan Imhoff of Stark Social recently visited SchlickArt Studios to tell the story of their business through visual marketing. They signed up for the full SchlickArt treatment: a Business Video Session, individual headshots and couple’s photos. Nathan also shot video of …

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Evoking Your Essence

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Most of the time, you don’t even know it’s happening. A tilt of the light. A flick of the camera lens. Two intense gazes punctuated by moments of quick deliberation and subtle direction. So subtle you won’t even know it’s happening: the magic of a SchlickArt approach. By nature, photographers and videographers should be able to capture YOU on screen. …