5 Genius Ways Our Clients Are Using Video Marketing In Santa Clarita

November 20, 2020
Kirsten Quinn

Curious about video marketing in Santa Clarita? Check out these five genius ways our clients are making use of an incredible marketing strategy.

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As we grapple with the possibility of another major shutdown and increased restrictions, small business owners may be panicking about how they’ll continue to make sales – especially during the holiday season, which usually provides a much-needed boost in revenue.

Video marketing remains one of the most powerful, engaging and effective uses of your marketing dollars. When the only way to communicate with your customer base is through a screen, you might as well give them something good to look at, right?
But for many small businesses, video is a big, scary endeavor. Where do you start? What type of video is most important? How will you use the videos to create more revenue?

Some days you can think of 150 video ideas, and other days you don’t even know where to start. The pressure to increase your online presence can be so overwhelming that you’re inspired and stuck all at the same time.

That’s why we wanted to provide some inspiration from your peers. We’ve been blown away by the initiative our video clients have shown, so we wanted to share some examples of how real small businesses in Santa Clarita are using video to increase their brand awareness, make authentic connections online, and create products that bring revenue through the door.

Check out these creative ways our clients are using video marketing in Santa Clarita and beyond.

Video Marketing In Santa Clarita:
5 Genius Ways To Break Through The Noise

1. Building An Online Course

One of the most creative ways we’ve seen our clients use video is to create an online course for their audience. If you’ve ever taken an online course before, you know one of the best ways to convey material is through video. It’s much more engaging than reading materials, and it also gives you the opportunity to brand your course with your face, logo and personality.

We love how Erika Kauzlarich-Bird uses video to create an amazing online course for homebuyers. Through this course, people can learn about the home buying process and get comfortable with it, even if they’ve never done it before. This course perfectly supports Erikas brand because she’s known for holding her clients’ hands through the process, especially if a homebuyer is new or nervous. It’s also helping to introduce her to an audience of people who will soon need a Realtor. If you ask us, a well-positioned online course like Erika’s is a no-brainer in the world of video marketing.

2. Announcing Big News On Video

One of the easiest ways to get started with video – and make a splash online – is to create a simple announcement video like the leading professionals at The Elite Title Team. When two of the premiere title teams in Santa Clarita joined forces, they knew they were creating immense value for their customers. They were bringing the best of the best together because they wanted to serve their clients the best way possible. So they didn’t want this announcement to get lost in the shuffle. It needed to make an impact.

That’s why The Elite Title Team decided to create an announcement video. Unlike a standard press release, you can feel the excitement in their voices. You can see the confidence on their faces. It’s not just another announcement – it tells the story with impact. By creating a “press release video,” they also had more control over how their announcement was distributed. They didn’t have to rely on media to pick up their announcement; they simply used the power of social media.

Next time you have an exciting announcement that you really want the community to take notice of, present it in a surprising format. Give them something to feel, not just read.

3. Connecting Through Branding Videos

One of the hardest parts about being a business owner is figuring out how to brand yourself. It’s easy for you to see the value in others, but when it comes to talking about yourself and what makes YOU special, it’s a whole other ball game. But that’s why we love branding videos. They capture the essence of what you stand for, and once it’s done, you have that marketing piece as part of your branding foundation forever.

Video is especially useful for branding, too, because it allows people to connect with you in a real way when they can see the passion in your gestures and hear the excitement in your voice. Once you start talking about why you love your field, the branding becomes easy. Really, all you have to do is simply be yourself. The rest is up to us to capture. Take this video by John Vance of Vance Wealth in Santa Clarita. You can feel his confidence. You can see that he has a different way of doing things – and he believes in it. That’s exactly what you want to see from your trusted professionals.

4. Bringing Events Online

In Santa Clarita especially, it seems that one of our favorite ways to market and fundraise is through events. We’re a deeply connected community that cherishes the ability to gather together in support of the causes and small businesses we believe in. But that defining characteristic has been taken away from us this year.

So how do you continue to foster the beautiful spirit of a tight-knit community? Bring events online. Waving to a friend on screen may not feel as good as a warm hug, but it’s what we’ve got right now. And we can’t let difficult times steal our love and support for each other.

That’s why we’ve been in awe of the way our Santa Clarita Valley Chamber of Commerce has shown up for this community. With countless online webinars, networking events and workshops, the Chamber has been a beacon of hope with its online presence. Recently, the Chamber hosted its 10th Annual Salute to Patriots online with a beautiful video tribute to each honoree. We were honored to have a small part in this event, by filming these tributes with John Musella and Ivan Volschenk in our studio ahead of time.

Watch it here: https://fb.watch/1T_EG8fPoz/

5. Positioning Yourself As A Local Expert

One of the best uses of video, especially for marketing purposes, is to simply highlight your expertise and depth of knowledge on camera. Sharing your knowledge is a great way to allow people to get to know you as a professional. When you do that on video, you give people the chance to see you, hear you and connect with you, too. It’s probably the best way to get people to know, like and trust you using no other means of communication except digital. So if your goal is to warm up an online audience that may not know you all that well – or reach a new audience of people you’ve never met – then this is easily the way to go.

Take Steffanie Stelnick for example. She’s created an entire series of educational videos that teaches clients and potential clients about common topics in her field. That way, when people are looking for information on a specific problem, they find Steffanie. They get a sneak peek at what it would be like to have her expertise on their side. And they already feel like they’ve gotten to know her a little bit – all without Steffanie doing a thing. Once the video lives online, she’s forever marketing.

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