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Start With Video To Produce More Marketing Content With Less Effort

Kirsten QuinnVideo, Visual Marketing

Producing enough marketing content can be overwhelming: videos, podcasts, blogs, newsletters, social media. Here’s how to keep up with less stress and less effort.

marketing content, Santa Clarita videographer, business video, Santa Clarita business video, marketing video, local marketing, visual marketing, best business marketing videos, small business videos, video marketing for small businesses, video marketing in Santa ClaritaThese days it seems like entrepreneurs need to have it all when it comes to marketing content — social media, blogs, videos, podcasts, email marketing, funnels, headshots, marketing shoots — the list is endless.

But who has time for all that, especially when you’re trying to run a business?

Well, what if I told you there’s a way to have it all, with minimal effort?

It’s all in the strategy. If you approach your content creation process with intention, you can speed it up significantly.

1. Video

It all starts with video. Why? Video captures most, if not all, of what you’ll need for the rest of your marketing content.

Let’s say, for example, you want to launch a marketing campaign about your new product. Hash out your marketing pitch with a bullet-point list of your talking points — for ideas, click here — and then start shooting! Once you have the completed video, you also have a solid start on the rest of your marketing content.

2. Podcast

Now you can extract the audio from your video and repurpose it as a podcast or sound bite, depending on the length and depth. While it’s not effective to simply extract the audio and post it as is, starting with the video cuts your working time significantly.

First, you need to extract your audio. You can find a number of tools online if you don’t have access to editing software.

Once you have the raw audio, it will need to be edited. Generally, you want to add an intro and outro, or closing segment, where you address the audience and provide contact information or a call to action. You’ll also want to clean up the audio file, removing any “ahs” and “ums.”

Now you’re ready to upload your podcast to your chosen listening platform.

3. Blog

At this point, your video and podcast are both ready for release, which is great when it comes to reaching and engaging your audience. But what about Google?

One of the biggest benefits of written content is the opportunity for search engine optimization and increased visibility for your website, and blogging can pack a serious SEO punch.

The easiest way to do convert your audio into a blog is to use a transcription app or service. Once you have a basic transcript, you can quickly edit and clean up the language.

SEO Tip: Make sure to choose one keyword, or keyword phrase, that appears in the headline and first sentence of your blog, as well as several times throughout the body of your writing.

4. Email Marketing

Now that you’ve created all this marketing content for Google and your audience, it’s time to make sure that people know about it! Email marketing is one of the best ways to do this, especially if you have a solid email list.

Grab the headline from your blog, as well as the first few paragraphs or so, and copy them into an email. Provide just enough information to really hook your reader, and then drop a link to your blog. This brings eyes to your website and increases traffic. It also encourages them to continue to click around on your blog, which means they’re learning more about you and your business. Don’t forget to include links to your other media, as well, such as your video or podcast!

5. Social Media

Social media posts that promote your new marketing content are like the pretty red bow that wraps up a beautiful package of content. They are great to reach your audience, as well as attract new eyes with valuable content.

When choosing what to share and where, consider the platform. Video performs best on Facebook and Instagram, while LinkedIn gives your blogs a fair shot because there’s generally less noise to fight through. Also, you can share different lengths of content on different channels, such as the full-length video on Facebook and a one-minute promo video on Instagram.

A Note About Marketing Content

Whatever you do, make sure your marketing content is valuable to your audience. Yes, it needs to serve a purpose in your marketing strategy, and yes, it needs to make Google happy. But most importantly, it needs to engage people. Ultimately, your business revolves around people — not strategies or web crawlers. People support your business. People make buying decisions. So when you’re making decisions about your content, you need to make them with your people in mind, first and foremost.

Provide value. Produce quality. And you’ll do just fine.

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