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A Close Up With Eric Mitchell: Video As Problem-solving

In this Close Up with Eric Mitchell, we learn how to use video as problem-solving for marketing, as well as his secrets for creating content that captivates. 

From the minute Eric Mitchell walked into the studio, we knew he had a plan, a purpose and the marketing know-how to execute it beautifully. As the Executive Vice President of National Retail for Gold Star Mortgage Financial Group, he had big plans. Eric’s marketing to-do list included a stunning set of professional portraits, marketing images, targeted videos, a book and more. And every piece of the puzzle was thoughtfully and intentionally designed to accomplish one overarching goal. 

“When you tell someone what you do, they immediately put you in a box, or what I call a frame,” Eric explained. “Then they see everything through that frame, and they decide what it means. But that frame may not fit you. The purpose of visual marketing is to change that frame – based on your definition.”

Meet Eric Mitchell 

As a vice president for Gold Star Mortgage Financial Group, Eric is tasked with opening new branches, recruiting and retaining sales, focusing on business development, achieving national initiatives, forming and nurturing strategic alliances, and more. With a team of over 500 employees, his position requires a lot of communication, marketing and mentoring. 

With so much on his plate, it makes sense that, early on, Eric recognized that he could use marketing photography and video as problem-solving to create specific outcomes in his business. 

Behind the Scenes: Video As Problem-solving 

For Eric, marketing has always been a tool he could use to reach a desired goal or outcome. Rather than just marketing for marketing’s sake, or jumping on the next big trend, Eric has always approached video as problem-solving tool with a specific purpose. 

“For example, we use video to reach each target audience and grow each aspect of our business,” Eric explained. “We have videos for our borrowers to explain the mortgage process. We have videos for our Realtors that communicate why they should refer their clients. And we have videos targeted toward loan officers to help with our recruiting efforts.”

In order to make sure each video resonates with the target audience, Eric stays focused on one vital marketing secret. 

“When you hire a professional team, such as a video production company like SchlickArt, the best strategy is to be very clear with your desired outcome,” Eric explained. “Don’t worry about the lighting or the way you look. Don’t get stuck on the content. That’s all minutia. Instead, talk specifically about the outcome: What do you want this video to do? Then let the experts work their magic.”

Eric’s Tip: Make It Memorable 

Though Eric relies on the guidance of experts, he also has a few of his own marketing secrets when it comes to creating content. And it all comes down to this: 

“Whatever you do, make it memorable,” he said. 

In order to make it memorable, Eric shares, your content should be at least two things:

  1. high-quality
  2. focused on the emotion. 

“It needs to be high-quality content because what’s the alternative?” Eric explained. “How does doing it yourself or saving a few bucks serve your audience? How does it serve your team? If your content is low-quality, then they will feel like they’re low-quality, too.” 

And that speaks to Eric’s next point. 

“It’s not about the content. It’s about the way the content makes people feel,” Eric said. “Tell a story and let people know: Here’s what this means to you, and here’s why it’s important. Ultimately, the purpose of video, and marketing in general, is to create connection.”

Visual Marketing In Santa Clarita 

At SchlickArt, we offer more than photography and video services to the Santa Clarita area and beyond. We do our best to provide our clients with marketing expertise and direction every chance we get. We know you need your images and video to help grow your business — that’s why you invest in them, and that’s why we do, too. Please take a minute to search through our blogs to find the visual marketing information that will help your business, or give us a call. We’re happy to help! 

About Our Santa Clarita Business Videos

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