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The Behind The Scenes Story Of The SchlickArt Studios Move

Kirsten QuinnAbout the Schlicks

Did you hear SchlickArt Studios moved? Here’s the full story.


As you may have heard, we recently finished construction on our first boutique studio space and officially opened our doors! 

Though we kept it as our little secret until it was finished, we were actually working on the new SchlickArt Studios behind the scenes for quite some time. 

As with most good things in life, it all started over a beer at Pocock Brewery, when Todd Tisdell mentioned they were looking for someone to lease the space next door. 

We had been dreaming about a studio space since we started, but it had only just started to seem like a reality in the past few years. So when we heard about this opportunity, our ears perked up and our curiosity got the best of us. 

We had no real plans to make this a reality, but you better believe we came back the very next day to see the space. It had been empty for a while and definitely needed some love. 

But the light was incredible. There were multiple rooms to accommodate different types of shoots at once. And it was centrally located in Valencia. 

Without even trying, we could immediately visualize our brand colors on the walls, our equipment filling up the rooms, and long nights spent editing — followed by a hard-earned beer next door. Quite unexpectedly, it all came together right before our eyes. 

The seed had been planted, and we couldn’t stop it from sprouting. The hunt for the new SchlickArt Studios was on. 

Doing our due diligence, we started looking around for spaces of a similar size that still met our needs for natural light and a central location. There were move-in ready spaces that gave us that “shiny new object” feeling, but we kept coming back to the original space on Avenue Tibbitts. It needed a fair amount of work, but it also felt like the blank slate we were looking for. 

It was time to take our crazy idea a little more seriously, and we made a list of all the changes we would need to make and got a quote for the construction. Miraculously, it fell right in the sweet spot of our price range. 

At this point, it was becoming all too real, and so did our emotions. As we seriously considered this huge change to our business model, the nerves gave way to terror … but the excitement turned into drive

We knew it was a chance we had to take. After seven years of hard work, building this company from the ground up, we owed it to ourselves to take this measured risk. 

We consulted our team of professionals — legal, accounting, and financial planning — and they backed us 100%. Contracts were drawn up, meetings were scheduled, and plans began to turn into reality. At this point, there was nothing stopping us but fear, and that was something we’d faced before. 

So we took the leap, and signed on the dotted line. 

From there, everything moved so quickly we could barely keep up. In early January, we started construction, including fresh paint, stained cabinets, new floors, fresh baseboards and beautiful silver window trim. We even repainted the ceiling tiles a brilliant white and removed the tint from all the windows to maximize the natural light from every angle. 

Then came the big move and the seemingly endless decorating, from hanging our beautiful chandelier and to the finishing touches on our newly appointed lounge area. So many of our friends showed up to help, and within a matter of days, SchlickArt Studios moved from our home to our first boutique studio on Avenue Tibbitts — the place where it all started. Though the weekend of moving was exhausting, it was also filled with champagne toasts, pizza shared among friends, and several moments where we stopped to take it all in and appreciate the journey that brought us here.  

We are so grateful for your love and support, and please come by and see us at the new SchlickArt Studios if you haven’t already! This studio was designed to serve you, and that’s what we’ll continue to do from our beautiful new home on Avenue Tibbitts.

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