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3 Ways SchlickArt Bucks The Visual Marketing Norm

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And why you want you a trendsetter for your business

If you want your visual marketing to stand out, it makes sense to hire a visual marketing company that stands out, as well. The norm is great for any other business, but you want something a little better — a little bolder.

The beautiful thing about a creative business like SchlickArt is they tend to think outside the box. Brian and Lindsay approach each project with an open mind and a conviction to tell your story the way it’s meant to be told. If that means they need to create a whole new playbook for your business video, they can and will do it — and still knock it out of the park.

How can you achieve consistent quality while still offering unbounded creativity? A strong foundation with a big-picture approach. Let me explain.

Philosophy, Not Product

Visual marketing, Schlickart, business video, contemporary portraiture, headshots

Lindsay gives Nahid Samandaribriana a peek at her photos.

SchlickArt started with the simple idea that empowerment creates a kind of beauty and authenticity that shines through every camera lens. Built on a philosophy — rather than a product, service or person — SchlickArt strives to be the translator between you and the camera, no matter what the project entails. At the end of the day, all that matters is that you communicated your best story — and you had fun doing it.

From this strong foundation, SchlickArt is able to create any kind of magic you can dream up, especially if it involves a good story!

Experience, Not Service

Visual marketing, Schlickart, business video, contemporary portraiture, headshots

Lindsay poses Deanna Miller and Nathan Imhoff of Stark Social.

It’s the desire to take care of the client that drives SchlickArt. So your experience starts the moment you walk into the studio. If you can’t leave your stress or insecurity at the door, Lindsay and Brian will quietly escort it right out of the building, probably before you even notice.

At SchlickArt, they never forget that they work with people, not just photos and videos. So every step of the process is designed to be easy and, dare we say, inspiring! Each session includes easy-to-follow direction in posing, assistance with wardrobe styling, and a fun reveal that allows you to pick your photos before you even leave the studio.

Growth, Not Standard

Visual marketing, Schlickart, business video, contemporary portraiture, headshots

Lindsay and Brian shoot a full-day Business Video Session at Poole & Shaffery.

SchlickArt doesn’t settle for a product you can get somewhere else. If you trust SchlickArt with your visual marketing, the result is a visual story that goes further than the rest. Your visual marketing should grow, not just update or maintain, when you sit down to tell your story.

If Lindsay and Brian have any say in it, SchlickArt will be the most flattering and authentic mirror you’ve looked into in years. No matter what they’re doing for you — headshots, boudoir, business videos, legacy videos, women’s pampering shoots and more — SchlickArt approaches every session with the same belief: If you feel great when you’re with us, your best self will demand to be captured.

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