Business Video: What Does Your Branding Leave Behind?

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If I asked you, could you describe your  business video branding? Right now. Without hesitation. Without second-guessing. Could you tell me?

I’ll tell you what branding isn’t. It’s not buzzwords or logos or color schemes. It’s not your elevator pitch. It’s not even the way you make a difference in the world. That’s how you communicate your branding, or the impact of your branding.

So, if I’m such an expert, what is it then?

Branding is the emotion that defines your business video.

Switch gears with me for a minute. Think about yourself as a consumer. Thousands of things fight for your attention in any given minute. What tips the scale? What drives your finger into that coveted click?

It’s an emotional choice. Today we are so bombarded by the number of choices that we no longer need to make decisions based on logic: physical location, accessibility, budget. There are a million ways to get things done, and at the end of the day, we trust our gut. Then we take action.

So your brand must speak.

Strip away the bells and whistles, and your brand is simply the way you touch your client. It connects you — like a new friendship, a strong shoulder to cry on, the right mentor at the right time. Your brand has such a presence that it actually speaks to your client when you’re not around. It’s selling for you.

Don’t you want to be the one who determines what your brand is selling?

Cue the story.

If there’s one thing I know to be true, it’s that we are all telling stories. More than that, we’re all chasing stories — who we want to be, what we want to accomplish, how we want to be remembered.

People make decisions based on these stories. They buy based on who they want to be — not who they are now.

So your story — your brand — helps the client see who they can be, with your help. It invites them to move forward in their own story, using your business.

Let’s ground this idea in an example.

Carolyn Griffin tells one hell of a story in her SchlickArt Business Video Session. Notice how she shares her own personal journey and seamlessly — effortlessly — connects it to the story of her business. It’s so easy for her because she is the one who created her business. So her story and her business’ story are one and the same.

So is yours.

She’s also openly emotional. The whole business video is colored with the emotion she hopes to leave you with: hope, empowerment, change that feels good. Her story is driven by emotion; therefore, her brand speaks.

So can yours.

In the final shot, Carolyn doesn’t end with a phone number or a free consultation. Her call to action speaks to the heart of her ideal client on an emotional level. She asks them to buy into her story, and she does it so genuinely because it’s simply the truth. When it comes to digital branding, Carolyn Griffin knocks it out of the park.

So can you.

SchlickArt understands branding.

Here’s where I let you in on a little behind-the-scenes secret: This is all by design. The branding in this business video is carefully and intelligently crafted by Carolyn and SchlickArt. Carolyn supplies the message; SchlickArt evokes it.

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Each interview question has a specific purpose in your business video. Every photo communicates an intentional emotion. And by the end of the story, you’re left with one hell of a brand.

It’s a lesson in partnership — a process that puts you in charge of your brand and ensures it’s presented in the most effective way possible.

Your story — whether you’re consciously in charge of it or not — determines what sticks with your clients. It decides what lingers when you’re no longer around for the pitch. So let me ask you one final question:

What do you leave behind?

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