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Break The 3 Most Common Sales Barriers With Santa Clarita Video Marketing

Kirsten QuinnVideo, Visual Marketing

Struggling to break through the most common sales barriers? Santa Clarita video marketing is a powerful tool to educate prospects before they reach the sales phase. 

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Every business has a sales barrier — that one-liner your prospects resort to when declining your services, as if they were coached by your competition.

“I’m already with Mr. Competitor. Sorry.”

“I just don’t have the money right now.”

“What’s that going to do for me? I don’t need that.”

“I didn’t know you guys did that!”

It’s that moment in a sales call when you just want to slam your palm on your forehead and roll your eyes at a complete stranger. But instead, you grit your teeth, smile and try to painfully explain for the millionth time why your business is worth it — acting like it doesn’t bother you in the slightest.

After a while, that starts to take its toll, right? It feels like a little piece of your soul dies every time you have to go through this dog-and-pony show.

What if I said you don’t have to do that anymore?

How Santa Clarita Video Marketing Breaks Sales Barriers

The value of video goes past its life on social media. It can be used in email marketing campaigns, sales letters, client communications, as well as on your website to turn traffic into customers. Most importantly, the content of your video can be used to address your most common sales barriers — so you don’t have to!

Think of video as the sales person you don’t need to hire or manage — or the assistant to your sales team who keeps working even after everyone goes home. Instead of having to repeat your pitch over and over again, every time someone says no, you can proactively get your video content in front of your audience before they take a seat at the table. That way, you’ve addressed your prospects’ most common concerns without having to go through the soul-draining process of repeating your pitch until its stale and filled with resentment or frustration.

You can get straight to business and make it happen!

To give you some ideas, here are three examples of the most common sales barriers and how local businesses have broken through with Santa Clarita video marketing.

The Three Most Common Sales Barriers

  1. People don’t understand your product or service.

This is becoming a more common problem as businesses try less and less to fit the mold, and lean more toward innovation and customization. Social networking and technology are changing the game in many industries, from retail to marketing to media and more, and new industries are emerging all the time. Plus customers are spending more time researching their purchases than ever before — so businesses need to have the answers figured out, rehearsed and ready.

We’ve got a lot of explaining to do these days!

Take Steve Rice’s business, for example. Lawn Kings installs artificial turf, and they are phenomenal at what they do. But most people don’t understand the benefits of artificial turf yet, and it’s a new enough service that it comes with a full set of misconceptions and misinformation.

How Santa Clarita Video Marketing Can Help

So Steve’s biggest sales barrier is getting people to understand what he does and how it helps people. This video solves that problem, puts a face to the name AND gives him a way to answer common questions via email and social media. Plus, he’s great on camera, even though it was outside his comfort zone

  1. You have a ton of competition, and you struggle to stand out in your market.

This is a huge concern for many business owners and entrepreneurs, especially in the health, beauty, real estate, consulting, marketing, retail and food industries. How do you differentiate yourself and your business from all the others?

Well, first you need to do some digging and figure out who you want to appeal to and what they’re looking for. Then focus on being the right fit for that client or audience. Take a look at your branding, reconnect with your “why,” and make sure these major aspects of your marketing are in alignment. Now you have a message that’s specific, genuine and compelling. You’re ready for video marketing.

How Santa Clarita Video Marketing Can Help

Or make it simple. Take a page from Tracy Hauser’s book and let your clients do it for you. As a realtor, she’s up against a ton of competition, so she uses testimonial videos to explain why her clients choose her over the rest.

  1. People don’t know who you serve.

It’s happened to all of us. You mention a service to a customer or someone in your network, and they look at you with shock. “I didn’t know you did that!” they say. And you just think to yourself: “How has my marketing failed in such a way that this person doesn’t know about one of my main services?”
It’s a big, busy world. It’s bound to happen. It doesn’t mean your marketing is failing; it just means you still have some work to do. If people don’t know about a product or service you offer, then they’re definitely not going to purchase it.

How Santa Clarita Video Marketing Can Help

So what can you do? Well, you can take John Vance’s video as an example of how video marketing can build awareness about a specific service or audience you serve.

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