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5 Reasons You’re Not Ready For Business Video — And Other Lies That Hold Us Back

Kirsten QuinnVideo, Visual Marketing

Why aren’t you taking business video seriously?  

Business video is scary. I get it. You have to stand in front of a camera, memorize lines (or not), and address a lens that captures all of your flaws.

But starting your business was scary, right? It required you to overcome fears, live outside your comfort zone and take risks you never thought possible.

Or maybe fear isn’t standing in your way. Maybe it’s a practical concern, like time or money.

No matter where your head is at, read on. You don’t want to miss your business’ best shot at the limelight, do you?

  1. Seriously? I’m too dang busy!

Meet the One-Person Shop

Let’s say you’re a sole proprietor — a CPA who’s finally launched that firm you’ve been dreaming about. After all these years of working for someone else, now you get to call the shots!

But reality sets in as you start putting on another hat, and another — and ANOTHER. Maybe, at first, you work from home to keep costs down. You outsource all your other needs to avoid taking on the expense of employees, and you keep your head down as you bury yourself in work.

Suddenly, you’re working in your business as the CPA, as well as on your business as every other role you can think of: marketing director, operations manager, creative director, social media specialist, web designer, bookkeeper — ahhh! Who has time to produce quality business video?!

Transcend the One-Person Shop

Well, I hate to break this to you, but YOU have time to produce quality business video, my busy friend. You are your business. Without you, it wouldn’t exist, nonetheless grow into a profitable entity that can support you and your family.

And that’s a good thing. Why? It makes your business modern and relevant. Today, people want to connect with people, not businesses. The day of print advertising, catchy slogans and TV commercials is fading quickly as we move from a material-driven society to an experience-driven culture. In today’s sprawling digital world, your potential clients are craving genuine connection and personalized service. They are dying to find someone just like you.

Plus, business video is just not as time consuming as you think. You either need a solid strategy or a professional to help you create one, or just like any other business venture, it will consume more time and energy than it should.

  1. Video is way outside my budget right now. Maybe next year.

Meet the Brand New Restaurant

You’re a brand new restaurant, hungry to make a name for yourself and provide something different to your community. You’re bringing something new to this valley — better than anything Santa Clarita has seen before. You’re full of ideas, knowledge and passion.

But money? Not so much. You’ve invested what feels like everything into the somewhat risky food industry. You are not about to get distracted or seduced by some marketing scheme that could be nothing more than an ineffective Millennial fad.

Feed the Brand New Restaurant

Well, if you need numbers to prove video is here to stay, check out this blog first because today I’m talking to people who’ve done their homework. Now, need I remind you of the very real Santa Clarita restaurant fad?

You’ve probably heard, in Santa Clarita, there isn’t as much to do compared to a city like L.A. or San Diego. Whether that’s true or not, locals have solved that problem by making new restaurants THE THING to do in Santa Clarita. A new restaurant opens, and it’s instantly flooded with customers.

That initial influx of business lasts about a year — maybe three if your competition is limited — before that flood turns into a trickle. Then the crickets set in to play their sad song. Just like that, Santa Clarita has lost interest as they turn to the newer, trendier eatery options. Now, if you haven’t even publicized your restaurant opening to attract the initial flood, then you’ve got a real problem.

Bottom line: Budget is about how you prioritize expenses, not how much money you have. If you build it, they will not come. If you tell them about it — and keep telling them about it — they come to stay.

  1. Video doesn’t apply to my business.

Meet the Boutique Corner Shop

Your entire life, you’ve been in love with the simple luxuries of eras past — heavy stationary with hand-painted watercolor, antique furniture that will never again be crafted in the same way, vintage clothing, handmade organic beauty products, etc. Your friends love the same things, and they say you have to open a boutique shop on the corner!

So you take the leap and pour yourself into your heart’s project. It’s beautiful, seductive. It whisks your customers into another time, another place. And they LOVE it. Loyalty comes easily; but foot traffic does not. Your reach doesn’t extend much farther than the residential neighborhood that envelopes your perfect little shop. You’re happy enough — you’re getting by. Plus, digital marketing and business video just doesn’t add up for you. It feels inauthentic to everything you stand for.

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Expand the Boutique Corner Shop

I could see how you came to this conclusion. As a former print journalist, I completely understand. I fought this battle, too, for a long time. But it’s ok for your products — and your heart — to live in the past, while your marketing efforts live in the future. Why? Even customers who feel the same nostalgia also use social media, computers, phones and internet on a daily basis. You do, too. Maybe not with the same enthusiasm as a Millennial SnapChat user, but it’s become the best and easiest way to get things done.

And I know everyone says your marketing should match and complement your brand, but you don’t have that luxury if your brand is high-quality stationary or antique furniture. Snail mail marketing is just not going to have the same reach, and it’s equally as expensive.

There’s a way to be authentically you and get involved in proven marketing strategies for today’s digital world. How do I know this? There’s a way to do just about anything. Your boutique shop on the corner is proof.

  1. Please! Nobody wants to see me on camera.

Meet the Creative Firm

You’re a creative at heart. That brings a whole list of incredibly powerful skills, as well as handful of characteristics that stand in direct opposition to running an effective, profitable business. Routine and brain drain halt your production. Strategy is way less sexy than experimentation. And marketing feels as foreign as accounting to you.

You’re probably even a complete behind-the-scenes person who’s hidden safely behind talent for years. It’s comfortable. Your skill level makes you successful and busy enough. But you’re a creative — so your big dreams call for more than “enough.” There’s a war going on inside you. You equally want unstoppable success and the safety of living in your own shadow — at the same time. I hear you.

Master the Creative Firm

You were born to be challenged. Admit it. Your entire being is based off the internal challenge to create beyond your own boundaries. Make something beautiful? Make it more beautiful next time. More innovative. More effective. More, more, more! You are driven by nothing else but your own competition, and you love it that way.

Well, it’s time to rise to the challenges you don’t love so much. It’s time to create a comfortable spotlight you’re happy to occupy. You, my savvy business-minded creative, are ready for authentic marketing.

Oh, and nobody wants to see you on camera? I call B.S. right here. That’s your hang-up — not your customer’s.

  1. C’mon — You’re just plain scared.

I’m not saying business video isn’t nerve-racking the first time you try it. What I am saying is this. No matter what your business is, no matter what excuse is standing in your way, no matter why you won’t take marketing seriously, there’s one thing almost every business owner gets wrong:

Marketing is not about you; it’s about the customer!

When you boil it down to its essence, marketing is simply the craft of attracting people who need you. You are good at what you do! Or else you wouldn’t be taking on the incredible challenge that is owning a business. Didn’t you start this business because you recognized a flaw in the market — and your unique ability to correct it? Don’t you believe in your services and your ability to help make people’s lives better?

Of course, you do! That’s exactly why marketing isn’t about YOU. You have something valuable to offer, but if you don’t also take on the responsibility of finding the people who need you, then you’re only doing half your job. You’re actually doing a disservice to the people you should be serving right now!

People want to get to know you and your services through business video. They are consuming business video and only wanting more. It’s your job to figure out how to deliver. And if you’re sitting there nodding your head in mild shame, don’t! Just ask someone who knows how to deliver. Ask for help. Your future customers depend on it.

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