Get Back to Business: Video Subscription in Santa Clarita

June 30, 2020
Kirsten Quinn

Not sure how to get business back to normal? There’s no better time for video and no easier way than a video subscription. 

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When it comes to marketing in the time of coronavirus, video is one of the most powerful tools to have in your pocket. 

Modern marketing is all about showcasing who you are, so more people will like, know and trust you – even if they’ve never met you. That means much of today’s marketing takes place in the digital space, especially on social media. 

But how do you stand out? How do you produce content consistently? How do you turn that engagement into new customers? 

Well, that’s where a video subscription comes in. 

What’s A Video Subscription? 

A video subscription is a monthly service that produces consistent marketing videos — all while coaching you on script writing, on-camera presentation and best marketing practices! Filmed in a private in-studio or on-location setting, each monthly shoot produces four or more videos for you to use – perfect for weekly episodes! Full editing is also included, so you can create a masterpiece every time. Each video runs from about 1-4 minutes long and requires a two-week turnaround time. Learn more here

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Why Choose A Video Subscription?

1. Less Competition

Video marketing is still novel enough that most small businesses and local professionals aren’t yet taking advantage of it. That gives YOU the opportunity to capture that space and stand out from your competition by getting your face and brand out there. Less competition for online video means you’re also standing out to Google’s algorithm. That’s why all the big ones – including Facebook, Instagram, etc. – prioritize video content above other posts. The result? Your video gets pushed out to more people.

2. More Engagement 

Video is also a more relatable medium because it allows people to get to know you. People are more likely to feel connected to you, or trust you, when they can see your face, hear you talk and watch you in your element. That means better engagement with your content. People remember you better. Your brand will feel familiar … because they’ve seen it somewhere. All that brand recognition adds up.

3. Easier Sales

The value of video goes past its life on social media, however. Once on your website or YouTube channel, your video content lives forever, which means it’s always working for you. Think of video as the sales person you don’t need to hire or manage — or the assistant to your sales team who keeps working even after everyone goes home. Instead of having to repeat your pitch over and over again, you can start pitching them before they even take a seat at the table. That way, you’ve already created a relationship. You can get straight to business and make it happen!

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5 Brilliant Ways To Use A Video Subscription

Especially since video is still underutilized, it can be hard to visualize how to use a video subscription. To help you get started, here are our 5 brilliant ways we’ve seen our clients use their video subscription.

1. Video Series

One of the best ways to make use of a video subscription is to create a series. Whether you feature business-related content or talk about something else you love, a series gives your brand a bigger stage to shine on. On her web show What’s Good, Santa Clarita?, SchlickArt client Tracy Hauser talks to community leaders who are making a positive impact in our valley. No matter what they discuss, what Tracy is really focusing on is starting meaningful conversations and providing access to top local professionals and change-makers. She’s adding value to her audience that often goes beyond her personal expertise.

2. Networking

Holly Schroeder, President and CEO of the Santa Clarita Valley Economic Development Corporation (SCVEDC), used her subscription wisely. Her goals were twofold: to create awareness about the SCVEDC, and to highlight the Board of Directors in a professional and engaging manner. So she decided to film an interview-style video with each board member, to feature each professional’s contribution to the organization and the Santa Clarita Valley. 

We love this idea because it mutually supports both parties. The SCVEDC is sharing its message with local professionals and their audiences, while simultaneously, the board member gets the added value of being featured in a professional video, which is also theirs to use as they please. It’s something for each board member to walk away with, creating social capital for both parties.

3. Online Courses

Sharon Brubaker and Erica Honore, founders of Healing Starts With the Heart, wanted to take their grief counseling to the next level with an online course that would be completed in conjunction with an intensive weekend-long workshop. In one shoot, we got everything we needed for 4-6 videos in their online course. They brought several wardrobe changes, so each video felt fresh and different. To keep the brand consistent, they stuck with the same backdrop, general length and tone. The whole shoot took no more than an hour or so, and they were able to check off a huge task on their list. Now their content will live online, where it can continue to bring in revenue and make a difference. 

4. Internal Training

Dave Rendall is the Broker and Owner of Re/Max of Valencia, Santa Clarita, Gateway and Malibu, so suffice it to say he runs a very large team and has a lot going on. That means he needs to ensure that the internal systems and processes of each of his teams runs smoothly and seamlessly. As he was trying to figure out the best way to welcome the newest members of his teams, he thought about using video. By shooting a welcome video with each member of his management team, he knew he could introduce each new realtor to his support staff in an engaging format that would save time and increase communications. We shot eight videos with Dave and the Re/Max management team, creating a huge chunk of content for them to start using for internal communications.

5. FAQ Videos

If you’re a professional who networks and markets their business, one of the most frustrating questions you can hear is: “What exactly do you do, again?” Especially if you work in an uncommon or developing field, this question can work against even the very best networking efforts. If you encounter this question — or another great one: “I didn’t know you guys did that!” — then an explainer video featuring all your services could be extremely beneficial. Add this video to the homepage of your website, all your lead-generating emails and on all your social media profiles to finally stop answering the common questions you that video can answer for you.

Why Choose A Video Subscription By SchlickArt?

With SchlickArt, a video subscription allows you to batch create the exact content you need on a monthly basis. This is the easiest way to tackle large video projects with a streamlined, affordable process that creates powerful, engaging content over time. A SchlickArt Custom Video Subscription includes: 

  • An affordable way to shoot consistent marketing video on a monthly basis
  • Build your following by creating useful, relevant content that engages your audience
  • Filmed in a private in-studio or on-location setting
  • Shoot 4-8 videos in one day
  • Includes presentation coaching and producing
  • Focus on one specific topic per video
  • Each video runs from 1-4 minutes and requires a two-week turnaround time
  • A full range of professional editing — from logos to graphics and more!

Learn More: SchlickArt Custom Video Subscriptions

About Our Quality Video Marketing in Santa Clarita 

With years of professional experience, Brian not only has an eye for crisp visuals and engaging shots — but also an ear for powerful storytelling. In his vision, marketing video should communicate the why behind your business and present it to the world in the most compelling visual format possible. With a camera in his hand, Brian can turn a vision into reality and business-as-usual marketing videos into an opportunity to connect. 

About Brian Schlick 

Starting as an onboard Princess Cruises videographer, Brian quickly climbed the ladder at the company’s headquarters in Santa Clarita. Over the course of 13 years, he moved from video editor for onboard content to supervise Princess’ onboard video teams, managing 17 total ships. The vast exposure to crafting all different kinds of video content allowed Brian to hone his ability to tell stories through compelling, engaging visuals. Today Brian shoots Santa Clarita video for small businesses, as well as the Signature SchlickArt Experience.

About SchlickArt Photography and Video

SchlickArt, a boutique photo and video studio in Santa Clarita, started in March 2012 with the simple idea that empowerment creates a kind of beauty and authenticity that shines through every camera lens. Built on a philosophy — rather than a product, service or person — SchlickArt has rapidly evolved, meeting professional portraiture, business photo and business video needs as diverse as the community we capture. It’s the desire to take care of you, the client, that drives us at SchlickArt.

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