Video Marketing: Three Steps To Maximizing Your Branding Power

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The possibilities of video marketing are endless, and if you’ve ever met Amanda Benson of AskAmanda, you know she has a lot of ideas — big ones, small ones, innovative ones, sarcastic ones. Regardless of where they take her, however, her goal is the same.

Amanda chases change.

On a daily basis, she seeks growth in all capacities, and as founder of AskAmanda Small Business Solutions, she’s made a career out of helping companies grow in the Santa Clarita Valley and beyond. Whether you see her at the gym, on the phone or with a glass of wine in her hand, you know she’s dreaming up ways to move forward — and quickly.

So when Amanda came to SchlickArt Studios with a hunger for video marketing, you better believe her ideas were BIG. The classic video structure? Tweak it. A focus on the business owner? Shift it. Unscripted interviews? She’s got an idea for that, too.

The best part? SchlickArt listened to those huge, crazy dreams and said: “You got it, babe.”

Establish Your Video Marketing Vision

Amanda knew what she wanted. So SchlickArt determined the most efficient and cost-effective way to deliver.

Not everything would change. They would still create exceedingly high-quality video — intoxicatingly gorgeous light, crisp-as-an-Apple-commercial visuals, and storytelling that drives and compels. No one wanted those constants to change — not even this fiery redhead.

But the Schlicks embraced Amanda’s creativity and vision for an even stronger concept and final product. They saw the opportunity to grow, as well.

That, my friends, is the beauty of a team that understands collaboration as well as they understand skill.

Build Your Video Marketing Foundation

Out of this impressive partnership came a new understanding of the way video marketing can simultaneously serve the business and the client. While many businesses rely on video marketing for direct-sales commercials and informative digital introductions, Amanda wanted that and more: the opportunity to showcase her clients, the ability to answer potential clients’ most common questions, and — most importantly — the platform to motivate her audience to be better and achieve greater.

Changing the standard business video format, they designed a video series that will feature testimonials from her clients, and each story demonstrates a key service Amanda offers through her consulting business. Just by watching the videos, potential clients will hear positive reviews while they are learning about AskAmanda from someone other than Amanda. I’d expect nothing less brilliant from this power team.

In addition, Amanda interviewed for an introductory video for her website, and she even shared some of her personal story, as it relates to the purpose of her business. Together, her multi-video package forms an incredibly powerful visual marketing foundation.

Apply Your Video Marketing

As Amanda’s application demonstrates, video can be as versatile as your creative power, and storytelling has become an undeniable branding tool. By combining marketing’s most innovative medium with one of its most engaging tools, the right video can easily feel like the marketing specialist you’ve been missing.

If you know Amanda, you also know how much she wants to make a difference. If you really know Amanda, you know she has already.

That’s a pretty big story to tell, but if there’s anyone who can grow that story to it’s full potential, it’s SchlickArt Studios. Just AskAmanda.


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