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What Do I Do With My Business Videos Once I Have Them?

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One of the most common questions we get is: What do I do with my business videos once I have them? Well, we’ve got plenty of ideas for that. But here’s 10 to get you started.

What do I do with my business videos? It’s such a common question that we wanted to share our best tips with all of you. So next time you find yourself thinking, what do I do with my business videos, just refer back to this list!

  1. Website

Business videos are the perfect way to engage the visitors on your website, keep them there and share your story in a powerful, personal way. When choosing where to embed your video, consider your message first. Are you talking about a service? Add it to your Services page. Are you sharing the story of how you got started? Add it to your About Us page. As you build up your library of video, you can even add a Resources page to give people a reason to come back.

  1. Social Media

The most important thing to consider before sharing your content on social media is the purpose and audience of each channel. Facebook, for example, is great for reaching your network and getting shares. (Tip: Don’t post the video as a YouTube link unless your goal is drive traffic to your YouTube channel. If that’s not your goal, then post the video directly to Facebook for better engagement.) Instagram is a great place to post a teaser to your video, since this platform currently has a one-minute time limit. LinkedIn is fantastic if the business community is your target audience.

  1. Blog

Video and blogging go together like peanut butter and jelly. Why? First, it’s a combination for SEO success. The SEO power behind the video reinforces the blog and vice versa. Second, a video breaks up the text of a blog and gives people a quick glance at your content. If they like what’s in the video, they’re more likely to give your blog a thorough read — and maybe poke around on your website to see what else you have to offer.

  1. YouTube Channel

If you’re not on YouTube, now is the time to start. You can use YouTube to create a library of all your content in one place, so it can be easily shared. If you’re looking to book speaking engagements, your YouTube channel can act as a visual resume. It also helps boost your SEO if you add a link to your website, along with keywords, in the description box.

  1. Newsletter

One of the easiest ways to get more eyes on your video is to send it out as a newsletter. While most email marketing platforms don’t offer the option to embed video, a video screenshot and a link will do just fine. Be intentional about where you link to, as well. Decide where you want to direct traffic. To your website or blog? To your YouTube channel? To your Facebook?

  1. Messenger

The Facebook Messenger app is a direct, and often surprising, way to reach people with video content. Because it’s underutilized for video, people are even more likely to watch. This can be a great tool to follow up with someone after meeting them, and it can also be used to answer common questions. Make sure to include a warm, personalized message.

  1. Lead Generation

Video is an extremely engaging form of marketing, so once you have someone’s attention, use it to capture their email address. You can create a short video series, make the first one available to everyone, and ask for an email address to deliver the remaining videos. Or you can run a Facebook advertising campaign that directs people to a landing page. Want something simpler?  Post the video on your website, and invite people to sign up for your newsletter.

  1. Partner Blogs

Do you work with other businesses or make a point of developing power partners? If you do, you can ask if they would be willing to post your content on their blog or another platform. (Tip: Always ask them to include a link to your website in the post — it really helps with SEO!) Then do the same for them. Post a blog about your power partner, and share some of their content.

  1. Share Campaign

Taking that idea one step further, think about all the people in your business and personal circles who may be willing to share your content. Create a letter template, and ask people to help spread the word. Employees are great people to speak about your business because they often speak with passion and knowledge.

  1. Customer Education

Maybe your goal isn’t to attract new business. Maybe you’d prefer to build brand awareness, educate your client base or foster change within your industry. Video is an outstanding way to do that because it’s a more personal form of communication. You can share a message in a powerful and heartfelt way, and people are more likely to respond because they can feel your intention in your expressions and voice.

Now that you have 10 answers, we hope you never find yourself asking, “What do I do with my business videos?”

Don’t Have Video?

Maybe you’re not asking, “What do I do with my business videos,” but instead, “How do I get business videos?” If you don’t have video — or you’re not confident in the video you do have — we have a couple options.

  • Business Video Sessions: This full-service shoot provides a professional foundation for your business video needs. Tell the story of your business, showcase your services and answer common questions. These videos are perfectly packaged for website content, lead generation, social media advertising and much more.
  • Custom Video Subscription: Choose your location, frequency and style of video. We’ll show up with everything you need to turn your vision for consistent marketing video into reality. Our subscription is perfect for social media, share campaigns, blogs and more. Think quick, customizable bites of video goodness.

About Our Santa Clarita Business Videos

SchlickArt Business Video Sessions are story-driven films about your business, non-profit, product or service. Our goal is to discover your ‘why’ — the true reason you do what you do. Our specialty is telling stories, and we believe communicating your story is the best way to build your brand. We can’t wait for you to see how the world notices when you take the time to tell your authentic story. And we can help with what’s next. Are you asking, what do I do with my business videos? We’ve got you covered. 

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