Announcing: NEW Photography Session Just For Mom

April 19, 2019
Kirsten Quinn

Want to get Mom what she really wants on Mother’s Day? Check out our NEW photography session just for Mom.

Mothers Day Photography Session

Professional Headshots for MomAt SchlickArt, we see a lot of moms.

We see Mom come in for her professional headshots, dressed to kill in a blazer and heels.

We see Mom for her family portraits, dripping in curls and pearls, as her family laughs and plays around her.

We see Mom when she wants to feel like just a woman again, as she slips into something comfy and bares it all for boudoir.

One of the most beautiful things about working at SchlickArt is the rare opportunity to see Mom from every angle, in all her stunning glory, as she does it all.

That’s also why, at SchlickArt, we’re in on a pretty big Mom secret.

On Mother’s Day, her one special day each year, she may not want what you think she wants. In fact, sometimes Mom actually wants to be left alone.

Yep, you heard us right. On Mother’s Day, some moms simply want a day to themselves.

And if you’re really going for the gold standard of Mother’s Day gifts, you can give her both. Treat her to a meal with her family and some handmade gifts from the kids, then send her on her way.

Why? Because Mom spends most of her days thinking about what other people need — all day, every day. From the minute she wakes up, she’s brushing little teeth, combing hair, cooking breakfast, picking up toys, and worrying about schedules. And that’s all before she even has a chance to think about putting herself together for the day.

Every single day, Mom is making decision after decision about how to make other people feel fabulous.

On her one special day, all she wants is for someone to think about how to make her feel fabulous. She doesn’t want to make decisions or think about the next item on her schedule. She just wants a small window of time when she can be the woman underneath the mom.

SchlickArt Photography for Women

NEW: SchlickArt Mom Is Fabulous Session

Mom Is Fabulous Photography SessionThis Mother’s Day, we’ve listened to what Mom really wants.

We’ve created a session that’s perfectly designed to give Mom the most luxurious, beautiful, empowering day off she could possibly imagine.

We’re going to make Mom feel fabulous again.

The brand new SchlickArt Mom Is Fabulous Session gives Mom the choice to handpick the type of shoot that will make her feel most beautiful. She can choose from our three most seductive shoots: glamour, boudoir, or pin-up. And she can even mix and match!

There will be no dads allowed — and no kids allowed. Why? Because we want Mom to only think about Mom.

To sweeten the day for Mom and Dad, we’re giving away the Session Fee completely complimentary with this Gift Card. That means you only have to purchase the photos you absolutely love. The day, the session, and all the perks — are on us. That’s our gift to the lovely mamas who work so hard for their families.

And, of course, this session comes with all the SchlickArt special touches you expect.

What’s Included:

  • Complimentary Photography Session (Regularly $300)
  • Champagne and artisan truffles from Newhall Refinery
  • Hair/makeup session with our red-carpet stylists
  • Two wardrobe changes (three total outfits)
  • Stylized custom posing to make you feel your sexiest
  • Intimate Reveal Session to shop your own Gallery Wall
  • Beautiful matte box with ribbon to keep your portraits in
  • Digital files available too!

How Do I Choose The Right Shoot For Me?

The beauty of this session is Mom gets to pick what type of photography she wants to make her feel her most beautiful. She can even mix and match, to perfectly curate the photo shoot of her dreams.

We take care of everything — except wardrobe. Need ideas? Give Lindsay a call to dream up the perfect look.

Nothing to wear? Another reason to go shopping, ladies!

Not sure how to choose? Take a look at the different options below.

Glamour Photography

Glamour Photography Session for Mom

Glamour photography is meant to make you feel like a princess. Bring on the ball gowns, sequined dresses and fine jewelry. This shoot is perfect for the high-fashion mama who loves to get dressed up and make the room go crazy.

You know you’re destined for a glamour shoot if you’ve always dreamt of big, voluminous hair and the full fan effect — just like you’re on the set of a Vogue cover shoot.

Boudoir Photography

Boudoir photography is perfect if you’re want to reconnect with your inner sexy. For most women, this shoot has the biggest and most lasting effect on their sense of self-worth and confidence.

Wiping runny noses and chasing tiny humans around a Target isn’t exactly a glamorous job, and it definitely doesn’t make you feel sexy.

For moms who want to reconnect with that feeling again, this shoot is perfect — even if it might be a little scary at first.

Pin-up Photography

Pin-up photography is a special kind of sexy. Perfect for a woman with curves and a side of spunk, pin-up shoots are as fun as they are flirtatious.

If Mom loves the classics and looks stunning in high-waisted jeans, she may want to consider adding a pin-up outfit to her shoot. Since you can mix and match for this special session, it’s the perfect time to give this highly stylized shoot a try — especially if you always dreamed of one.

About Lindsay’s Photography for Women

With the mind of a businesswoman and the heart of an adventurer, Lindsay began to conceive of a different kind of Santa Clarita photography business. In her vision, stepping in front of the camera could be an empowering experience that gave her clients more than just a photograph — it would give people a new way of seeing themselves. With an eye for seeing the beauty in life and in others, Lindsay could use the camera to spread beauty.

About SchlickArt Photography and Video

SchlickArt, a boutique photo and video studio in Santa Clarita, started in March 2012 with the simple idea that empowerment creates a kind of beauty and

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