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2023 Small Business Marketing Strategies To Watch

Kirsten Quinn New Year Marketing Series, Visual Marketing

Ready to reach the next level? Check out these 2023 Small Business Marketing Strategies if you want to make a bigger impact this year. As a business owner or professional, it’s crucial to stay on top of the latest trends and marketing research if you want to remain relevant and competitive in your industry.  But we also know you’re busy …

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The SchlickArt Content Marketing Plan For Small Businesses

Kirsten Quinn New Year Marketing Series, Visual Marketing

Tired of failing to meet your marketing goals? Put the SchlickArt Content Marketing Plan for Small Businesses into action to finally see results.  We all start off the new year with big lofty goals and grand plans for our businesses – but without a documented marketing strategy, those dreams are more likely to stay dreams.  If you want to move …

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Year In Review: The SchlickArt Team Celebrates 2022

Kirsten Quinn About the Schlicks

Wondering what the SchlickArt team has been up to this year? Check out our favorite memories and milestones from 2022.  This year represented a much-awaited return to normalcy for many of us, and at SchlickArt, you know we like to hit the ground running. That meant 2022 brought lots of growth – personally and professionally – as well as lots …

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2023 Marketing Goals & The Photography Styles To Match Them

Kirsten Quinn Headshots, Professional Portrait, Visual Marketing

Here are five common 2023 marketing goals – and the perfect photography style to implement them with success.  The most effective marketing plans start with an intentional top-down approach:  Start with your goal in mind.  Figure out which marketing strategies will help you meet that goal.  Determine what materials you’ll need to implement each step. Assign each task to the …

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Boudoir Style Quiz: Find The Right Boudoir Style For You

Kirsten Quinn Boudoir

What’s your sexiest signature look? Find out with this fun and easy Boudoir Style Quiz!  Every woman has that drop-dead gorgeous signature look – a brand of sexiness that makes her feel most confident and natural in her own skin.  That’s what we love to bring out in the SchlickArt women who choose to shoot boudoir sessions at our studio.  …

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SCV Small Business Tips: 5 Ways To Finish The Year Strong

Kirsten Quinn Professional Portrait, Video, Visual branding, Visual Marketing

These five SCV small business tips will help you finish the year strong and kick off the new year with success.  For most of us, this is the busiest time of the year in our personal lives and professional lives.  But that’s exactly why it’s so important to approach this season with a solid plan.  Whether your goals are to …

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4 Shoots To Plan Now For Your Best 2023

Kirsten Quinn About the Schlicks, Boudoir, Family, Headshots, Professional Portrait, Video, Visual Marketing

If you’re planning to make 2023 your best year ever, then take a look at these four shoots that will help you meet your personal and professional goals – ahead of the curve.  The end of the year and the start of a new one are important moments – whether you want to cherish time with your family or get …

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3 Reasons Why One Boudoir Shoot Is Not Enough

Kirsten Quinn Boudoir

Every woman deserves a boudoir shoot. But at SchlickArt, we believe she also deserves two. Here are 3 reasons why one boudoir shoot is not enough.  It takes a certain amount of courage and confidence to do a boudoir shoot.  But to choose it a second time, well that takes a special kind of woman.  That, in fact, is exactly …

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10 Ways We Create A Luxury Family Photo Shoot In SCV

Kirsten Quinn Family

How do we create a luxury family photo shoot in SCV? Here are 10 ways we make family photography feel like a luxury experience for the entire family.  At SchlickArt our goal is to make your family portrait session feel as fun and relaxed as possible.  Why?  It’s how we capture the incredible bond that only your family shares – …