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Build Each Other Up

Kirsten QuinnAbout the Schlicks, Visual Marketing

Inside Stark Social’s SchlickArt Business Video Session

For those of you who know these beautiful faces, each photo should send you a striking message.

Deanna Miller and Nathan Imhoff of Stark Social recently visited SchlickArt Studios to tell the story of their business through visual marketing. They signed up for the full SchlickArt treatment: a Business Video Session, individual headshots and couple’s photos. Nathan also shot video of Deanna’s photoshoot, getting some behind-the-scenes footage for the new website website he’s building for SchlickArt.

The day was full of laughs, loving sarcasm, genuine vulnerability, impromptu brainstorming sessions, and hashtagged inside jokes I will never commit to writing. In a room filled with unbridled creativity and good friends, things inevitably get a tad out of control.

But at the end of the day, over some sake and beer, we were all overwhelmed by an unspoken sense of accomplishment. Deanna and Nathan were on their way to sharing the Stark Social story with the community they love, and once the evening was over, Nathan would return to work on a stunning SchlickArt website… Launching Soon! I watched as the two couples shared drinks, stories and true support.

So what’s the big takeaway here? What’s so striking about two businesses getting along in Santa Clarita?

Stark Social – a business founded on expert industry knowledge and creative vision that builds momentum – provides digital marketing services to Santa Clarita and beyond. Local political campaigns have been produced by this powerful duo, and many local businesses count on the Stark difference to get in front of their customers.

Stark Social produces visual marketing. And SchlickArt does, too.

I’ve come to learn that Lindsay loves her idioms. “Let’s eat the frog, Kirsten.” “You’re takin’ the piss, Brian.” “Bloody Hell!” But the Lindsay-ism that has stuck to me like glue is also one I’d like to hear much more often:

A rising tide raises all ships.

Few people are as true to their idioms as Brian and Lindsay Schlick. So the next time you see these four smiling faces together, I encourage you to to hear it, too: A rising tide raises all ships.

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