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How To Sell More Property With Real Estate Marketing Videos In Santa Clarita

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Go beyond the listing video and learn how to sell more property with creative real estate marketing videos in Santa Clarita. 

Real estate is one of the most visual industries out there. When it comes to selling houses, seeing is believing. 

But that also applies to the professionals you trust throughout the process. 

The more someone sees of you, the more likely they are to grow to know, like and trust you, too. 

That’s why video can be such a powerful medium for real estate professionals who are looking to increase their client base, expand brand awareness, and ultimately, sell more property

If you’re ready to up your real estate game, it’s time to go beyond the standard listing video – because you need more than just a good virtual walkthrough to stand out from the competition. 

You need video content that elevates your brand, promotes your unique value, and convinces potential clients to choose you

Here’s how we recommend doing exactly that. 

Real Estate Marketing Videos In Santa Clarita: 

The Best Video Style For Everyone In The Industry

For the Seller’s Agent

As the seller’s agent, the obvious choice is a listing video: a virtual tour of the home that’s created to attract attention from potential buyers. 

But as an agent, it’s important that you stand out, in addition to your listings. That’s why it makes sense to go beyond the type of video content that everyone else is already producing, right? 

In our experience, video testimonials can really make a difference for realtors looking to up their local profile. For example, a listing video is great for properties you’re already representing, but video testimonials can help you land new listings and build your client base with more engaging content. Besides, what’s easier or more persuasive than having your happy clients do the pitching for you? 

Additionally, cold call video messages can help you initiate connections with new prospects because they are generally more effective than digital communications that don’t include video. In fact, video messages are 40% more likely to be opened in email or direct messages, 37% more likely to be clicked, and 3x as likely to earn a response, according to Vidyard. Who doesn’t want those odds? 

For the Buyer’s Agent

Video testimonials and direct messages are great ways to build relationships as a buyer’s agent, as well, but there’s another way to showcase your knowledge and expertise with video that can be very effective, especially when it comes to landing those out-of-the-area buyers who come from affluent areas. 

Similar to a listing video, a video tour of the neighborhoods in your city can make for top-notch and highly engaging website videos. For example, a Santa Clarita realtor could create video tours of the best features in each neighborhood, from Downtown Newhall to Castaic to Saugus and more. 

Not only does a neighborhood tour video showcase your expertise, but it also encourages potential clients to spend more time on your website, consuming your content and getting to know your brand. When it comes time to look for an agent, chances are they’ll reach out to the agent they recognize from those informative online videos. 

For the Broker

While there are many video opportunities for individual agents in Santa Clarita, there are also plenty of opportunities for local brokerages to create video content that can elevate the entire team. 

For example, training videos ensure a consistent, streamlined onboarding process that brings out the very best in all your agents. Plus, videos save time because you create the videos once, but they teach your policies, procedures, and values over and over again – without investing any more time on your part. Recruiting videos also streamline your time and energy, while the format engages agents in a more compelling way than an email can. 

Maybe you’re already meeting your internal goals with flying colors, but you want your team to meet higher commission goals when they’re out in the field. Consider creating profile videos for each agent on your team, so viewers can see what sets each agent apart. 

Or help your agents simplify their own sales process with videos that convey the benefits of working with your brokerage. A contract walk-through video, for example, can help your agents provide an elevated customer experience because it simplifies some of the more overwhelming parts of buying or selling a home. 

The options are endless when it comes to using video to set your entire brokerage apart from the competition – especially if you work in the luxury market. 

For the Builder

Real Estate Marketing Videos In Santa Clarita, real estate marketing videos in scv, santa clarita Real Estate Marketing Videos, scv Real Estate Marketing Videos, santa clarita marketing videos for realtors, scv marketing videos for realtors, santa clarita video marketing for realtors, scv video marketing for realtors, marketing videos for realtors in santa clarita, marketing videos for realtors in scv While the video opportunities may seem more obvious for realtors and brokers, there are plenty of ways that builders and developers can use video, as well. 

A video walkthrough, for example, can show all the features a new development has to offer, but it can also demonstrate the lifestyle that goes along with it. For example, the builder can explain all the details and planning that went into each neighborhood feature, while telling behind-the-scenes stories they can’t get anywhere else. 

At SchlickArt, we use an interview-style process that helps people talk about what sets them apart, without having to write scripts or use a teleprompter. The result is a natural yet persuasive conversation that engages the viewer from start to finish. This specific style allows a builder to discuss what makes their development great, while showing visual examples that are as compelling as they are beautiful. 

How’s that for a powerful sales tool? 

For the Trusted Advisor 

The real estate industry is made up of more than agents, brokers and builders. There are entire categories of business that help make the market go round, and that includes a group of trusted advisors such as title professionals, escrow professionals, loan originators, home inspectors, and more. These trusted experts don’t have to miss out on the benefits of video either. 

Since their greatest value is in their knowledge and expertise, one of the best video styles for these professionals is the classic educational video series. By answering FAQs and sharing updates on current events, you can show your audience how well-informed and passionate you are about helping them. 

Additionally, trusted advisors such as these can create videos that target the partnerships they’d like to attract. For example, if an escrow officer is looking to partner with a realtor who can send business their way, it might be wise to create videos speaking directly to local realtors about the benefits of your services. Sometimes a potential client isn’t always the intended viewer – because the right power partnership could bring in multiple clients instead.

About Our Santa Clarita Business Videos

SchlickArt Business Video Sessions are story-driven films about your business, non-profit, product or service. Our goal is to discover your ‘why’ — the true reason you do what you do. Our specialty is telling stories, and we believe communicating your story is the best way to build your brand. We can’t wait for you to see how the world notices when you take the time to tell your authentic story. 

Visual Marketing Education 

At SchlickArt, we know your marketing visuals are only effective if you actually use them. That’s why we help you create powerful photography and video – and then we teach you how to share it. With each session, we’ll give you our best tips based on your specific marketing goals. We provide the education and resources you need to brand your content, integrate it into your marketing strategy, post it with intention, and maximize engagement along the way. 

If you want even more tips and resources, we have an educational blog, newsletter and video channel to help you dive deeper, as well as professional presentations, workshops, and coaching sessions if you’re ready to take action and level-up your marketing now

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