Headshots: How SchlickArt Makes Stunning Look Easy

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Inside Princess Cruises’ headshots session with Bruce Krumrine

Few in the Santa Clarita Valley have not heard about SchlickArt’s stunning headshots. With a signature contemporary portraiture style, natural light approach and guided posing instruction, the word gets around pretty quickly.

“Our goal with headshots is to make you look like you on your best day,” Lindsay explained. “I use a process that evokes your most natural expressions, as well as customized posing that brings the best out of your shape.”

Whether you’re looking for classic business headshots or a creative take on the traditional, SchlickArt has created the perfect foundation for you to build upon.

Bruce Krumrine, Vice President of Shore Excursions for Princess Cruises, recently visited the SchlickArt Studios for professional headshots, and he had the typical SchlickArt experience: When he sat down for the big reveal, he was shocked simply because he loved the way he looked.

“You’ve made this process incredibly easy,” he said as he viewed his collection of shots. “I’m very impressed.”

Achieving stunning headshots starts the minute you walk in the door. Before the camera turns to you, Lindsay ensures you feel comfortable — and she never allows you to pick on yourself.

“By consciously creating a positive environment in the studio, I make sure you try to see yourself in a positive light — like I see you!” Lindsay said.

Next she will demonstrate easy-to-follow posing as she evokes genuine laughter. (But we won’t tell you how she does that because it will ruin the surprise!)

With a few poses and even more silliness, you’re on your way to stunning headshots within 20 minutes. Then the fun continues for the big reveal.

“We play a little game to help get down to your favorite shots,” Lindsay said. “It’s quick and easy, and you get to be the one to choose your final product.”

Lindsay also allows you to choose the level of retouching you desire, showing you examples from her past work. If you’ve got a trouble spot — or you want to accentuate something — the direction is in your hands.

By the end of a 45-minute session, you’re faced with 10-15 different shots you don’t want to choose between — because you love the way you look. Often this is a unfamiliar experience for Lindsay’s clients. Who likes to have their picture taken? And then who actually likes what they look like in one photo, nonetheless 15!

“You really do an excellent job,” Krumrine said to Lindsay during his headshots reveal. “I can’t believe how much I like these.”

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