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SchlickArt Now Offers Free Visual Marketing Education To Santa Clarita Businesses

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Want to shoot photo and video marketing like a pro? SchlickArt is now offering Free Visual Marketing Education to local professionals.

Visual marketing education, Santa Clarita photographer, Santa Clarita video, business video, business photos, Santa Clarita headshots, local marketing, visual brand, marketing photos, marketing videosSo you want your photo and video marketing to look pro? Well, you need a little visual marketing education! 

Maybe you hired an expert, or two, to help with your website, social media, SEO or online marketing.

“Great!” you thought. “Now I can start competing online.”

But then those experts started asking you for content — photos, videos, blogs, lead magnets, etc. — and you thought: “Well, who’s going to do that?”

You try assigning it to an enthusiastic employee. It works for a week or two, maybe a few months, before things get too busy and too complicated. The effort slowly falls apart.

You try again, this time asking everyone to pitch in.

“It’s just one post per week,” you hear yourself asking, only to be met by groans and resentment. You already know it’s not going to work. No one is buying into this.

And suddenly, you’re facing the same dilemma most business owners face in today’s digital, social world:

“Why can’t I get my staff to participate?”

Well, I hate to break this to you, but no one cares about your business the way you do — and no one ever will, unless they’re making just as much money as you are.

Let’s think about what that means: If Joe Employee doesn’t care about your business more than he cares about himself, then he isn’t going to risk embarrassing himself on video to help your business reach some vague digital marketing goal.

Your staff must feel comfortable on camera before you ask them to participate in a visual marketing initiative.

So how do you get people to feel comfortable on camera?

You teach them.

Introducing The SchlickArt Visual Marketing Presentation

As a way to give back to the community, we are now offering to host a complimentary Visual Marketing Presentation at Santa Clarita businesses, and beyond. The purpose of this visual marketing education is to gather your entire team in one room and go over the basics of being on camera, as well as using the camera, for visual marketing purposes.

Basically, we teach you how to create as close to professional photography and video as possible — just using your iPhone. We teach you how to look great, sound great and — bottomline — produce great content, all on your own!

What Will You Learn?

So what does this Visual Marketing Presentation cover? What will you get out of this visual marketing education? 

The presentation is broken down into three major parts:

  1. How to assemble an easy-to-use, affordable equipment kit
  2. How to look your best on camera
  3. How to set up the best shot, from start to finish
  4. A few special promotions for anyone present at the event

Affordable, Easy-to-Use Equipment

  • Get a list of recommendations for affordable, easy-to-use equipment
  • Learn how to use the equipment
  • Learn simple iPhone settings that make a big impact
  • Get the biggest bang for your buck on simple tools that set your content apart
  • Purchase equipment independently and on your own time (We make no profit and get no kickbacks)

How To Look Your Best On Camera

  • What to wear on camera
  • What NOT to wear on camera
  • How to maximize your personal branding
  • How to sit on camera — and look sexy
  • Find the most flattering lighting
  • Setup a gorgeous backdrop for your shot
  • How to keep your branding cohesive across platforms
  • How to stand on camera — and look sexy

How To Produce Quality Photo And Video

  • Learn the difference between “candid” and “professional” content
  • How to take the best selfie
  • Learn the optimal lengths for each type of video
  • How to make a video with substance and purpose
  • Learn what to say on camera
  • How to create a fast and easy script
  • How to create a marketing plan for your content
  • How to use your content once it’s done

How To Book A SchlickArt Visual Marketing Presentation

Ready to dive in? Ready to get your team on board and excited to share their work in the digital world? 

These presentations are complimentary; however, participating businesses must be able to host the SchlickArt team in their offices.

SchlickArt offers a limited amount of availability for this presentation, and there are only a few dates left in 2018. You can contact SchlickArt for booking opportunities.

Let the visual marketing education begin!

P.S. You can also begin your visual marketing education on your own by watching our SchlickArt TV episodes!

About SchlickArt, Your Santa Clarita Photographer and Videographer 

SchlickArt, a boutique photo and video studio in Santa Clarita, started in March 2012 with the simple idea that empowerment creates a kind of beauty and authenticity that shines through every camera lens. Built on a philosophy — rather than a product, service or person — SchlickArt has rapidly evolved, meeting professional portraiture, business photo and business video needs as diverse as the community we capture. It’s the desire to take care of you, the client, that drives us at SchlickArt.

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