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Boudoir: Do It For The Right Reasons

Kirsten QuinnBoudoir

Boudoir is not just a photo shoot; it’s a photography experience.

Like a headshot or a family picture, most people decide to try a boudoir photo shoot for a specific reason. That reason, explains Santa Clarita boudoir photographer Lindsay Schlick, co-owner of SchlickArt, can make or break your boudoir photography experience.

“You have to do boudoir for yourself first – not for anyone else,” she explained.

You might immediately wonder why you would shoot sexy pictures for yourself. At first, it seems like an odd requirement. But when you consider the emotion that goes into a boudoir photo shoot, the picture gets a little clearer.

“Everyone has bits about themselves that they like and bits they don’t like,” Lindsay said. “Boudoir is about the empowerment you feel when you decide to embrace it all.”

To get the super, super sexy results you’re expecting from boudoir, you have be to be ready to take on the personal and emotional challenge of self-acceptance.

“You don’t have to love every bit of yourself before you go through the process,” she said. “But you should be ready to try.”

The real experience comes when or you embrace the real meaning of a boudoir shoot and truly decide to see your sexiness.

“The point of boudoir is to be emotionally ready to enjoy it,” Lindsay explained. “You might even overcome a block or a fear. When you go into it for the right reasons, the experience can help you feel comfortable in your own skin — and even help you find some self-acceptance.”

Since before SchlickArt started, Lindsay dreamt of creating a safe space for women to see their own beauty and to be empowered by their self-image. She wanted her clients to embrace and love what they saw in the mirror.

If she expected her clients to do try on some self-love, however, Lindsay would, too. That day, she made a rule to never pick on herself. The SchlickArt Studio in Santa Clarita would be a space of self-love and gratitude, and it would start with Lindsay.

“Getting to a place where you love yourself is a decision you have to make,” she said. “It’s like any other decision to better yourself.”

When done for the right reasons, boudoir photography can be the first of many steps in that journey, and as Lindsay says, it’s definitely a journey worth taking.

“Know that you’re going to be nervous if you do boudoir, but also that you’ll learn something about yourself and feel better for it afterward,” Lindsay said. “We’ll accentuate the bits you like and flatter the bits you don’t like — but I can prove you don’t have any bad bits.”


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About SchlickArt

SchlickArt, a boutique photo and video studio in Santa Clarita, started in March 2012 with the simple idea that empowerment creates a kind of beauty and authenticity that shines through every camera lens. Built on a philosophy — rather than a product, service or person — SchlickArt has rapidly evolved, meeting business photo and business video needs as diverse as the community we capture. It’s the desire to take care of you, the client, that drives us at SchlickArt.

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