Santa Clarita Photographer Captures Special Relationship Between Mother And Daughters

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Go behind the scenes on a recent SchlickArt Family Photography Session with Santa Clarita photographer Lindsay Schlick and Santa Clarita videographer Brian Schlick

Have you ever tried to show someone just how stunning they are? My guess is you made a seriously impressive effort, but somehow, they still couldn’t see the subtle magic of their greatness. I’m here to tell you it wasn’t your fault.

The task of seeing your own beauty is an art, and sometimes, it takes an artist to help you get there.

As Angela Hicks’ 40th birthday crept closer, her husband, Sam, dared to take on this weighty task. If anyone deserved to see her incredible beauty, after all, it was Angela.

So he gifted her with a SchlickArt Family Photography session and arranged for her two sisters and her mother to visit the SchlickArt Studios in Valencia. Maybe she could better see her beauty from the perspective of those who love her most.

A one-of-a-kind session made up of stylized photography, the SchlickArt Family Portrait Session captures your legacy and reveals your authentic beauty, with a full day of pampering followed by a family photo shoot.

The beautiful thing about any SchlickArt session is that it truly is an experience. What starts with champagne and chocolates quickly turns into laughter, reminiscing and a whole lot of love. As the women took turns in the hair and makeup chair, they complimented each other, reminding one another of the reasons they were admired and loved by their mother and sisters. Just as they sat down to document a lifetime of memories, they simultaneously began to make new ones. Clearly, the afternoon was more than just a photo shoot.

Once the women were glammed up and had relaxed into their familiar dynamics, they moved into the photo shoot. Complete with easy-to-follow posing instruction and gorgeous natural lighting, a photo shoot with Santa Clarita photographer Lindsay Schlick takes all the stress out of looking absolutely stunning.

As one shot led to the next, being in front of the camera quickly became an enjoyable place for Angela and her family to find themselves. From laying on the couch with their legs in the air to getting close for a classic family shot, each pose captured a different side of the women and their relationships with each other.

Admiration and appreciation flowed freely as the camera elicited the strength of their bond and the resilience of unconditional love. Similarities peeked through their mannerisms, laughter and spirits, while the beauty of their differences shined through.

By the end of the session, their morning of pampering and afternoon of laughter had created a stunning set of family photographs that made one beautiful moment in time last forever.

The Schlicks had done it again, accomplishing their most important goal: When you leave SchlickArt Studios, all that matters is you feel incredible.

What’s stopping you from capturing your family legacy?


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About SchlickArt

SchlickArt, a boutique photo and video studio in Santa Clarita, started in March 2012 with the simple idea that empowerment creates a kind of beauty and authenticity that shines through every camera lens. Built on a philosophy — rather than a product, service or person — SchlickArt has rapidly evolved, meeting business photo and business video needs as diverse as the community we capture. It’s the desire to take care of you, the client, that drives us at SchlickArt.

About Lindsay Schlick, Your Santa Clarita Photographer

With the mind of a businesswoman and the heart of a creative, Lindsay began to conceive of a different kind of Santa Clarita photography business. In her vision, stepping in front of the camera could be an empowering experience that gave her clients more than just a photograph — it would give people a new way of seeing themselves. With an eye for seeing the beauty in life and in others, Lindsay could use the camera to spread beauty.

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