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Santa Clarita Coronavirus Resources: 15 Things Small Business Owners Can Do During Quarantine To Prepare For The Rebound

Kirsten Quinn Visual Marketing

Santa Clarita Coronavirus Resources: Local experts share 15 things small business owners can do today, during quarantine, to prepare for the rebound.  As a community, we’re no strangers to emergency situations. Whether it’s a wildfire, earthquake or public safety threat, this community shows up to support the people and families who’ve been affected.  But right now, COVID-19 is a new …

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How To Create Video For Your Personal Brand

Kirsten Quinn Video, Visual Marketing

Looking for better quality leads and clients? Create impactful video for your personal brand with these five tips.  When it comes to establishing a strong personal brand, video is one of the most powerful tools to have in your pocket.  Personal branding is all about showcasing who you are, so more people will like, know and trust you — even …