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A Close Up With Toi Everhart: Personal Branding Is Power

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Personal branding is power! Learn to make lifestyle marketing magic with Toi Everhart, leading maven and personal branding pro.  When Toi Everhart first explained the vision for her upcoming marketing shoot, we instantly knew it was going to be a great one.  We loved her ideas because everything about Toi is bright and inspiring: her mind for business, her personal …

Video Marketing: Three Steps To Maximizing Your Branding Power

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Amanda chases change. On a daily basis, she seeks growth in all capacities, and as founder of AskAmanda Small Business Solutions, she’s made a career out of helping companies grow in the Santa Clarita Valley and beyond. Whether you see her at the gym, on the phone or with a glass of wine in her hand, you know she’s dreaming …

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Headshots: How SchlickArt Makes Stunning Look Easy

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Few in the Santa Clarita Valley have not heard about SchlickArt’s stunning headshots. With a signature contemporary portraiture style, natural light approach and guided posing instruction, the word gets around pretty quickly. “Our goal with headshots is to make you look like you on your best day,” Lindsay explained. “I’ve created a process that evokes your most natural expressions, as …

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Did Video Marketing Kill Traditional Advertising?

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As the social media platforms we love — Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat — add more and more video capabilities, we can’t seem to help ourselves from clicking that play button. Whether we’re at work, waiting in line at the bank, or momentarily checking out of reality, internet video marketing is becoming a legitimate consumer addiction — and fast. Video content is …

Business Video: What Does Your Branding Leave Behind?

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If I asked you, could you describe your  business video branding? Right now. Without hesitation. Without second-guessing. Could you tell me? I’ll tell you what branding isn’t. It’s not buzzwords or logos or color schemes. It’s not your elevator pitch. It’s not even the way you make a difference in the world. That’s how you communicate your branding, or the …